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James Robert

james robert

“Hello, I am an energetic blogger, who loves to write reviews on apps related to finance. For now, I am working on RealtimeApk.com, Specially to provide each and every information about Cash App and if you want me to write on any app you like or you want any information on Cash App, just let me know through [email protected] and I will fulfill your request very soon! Note: We are not Cash App Officials. We are just educating people about it. Original Help Link of Cash App: https://cash.app/help”

Maria Khan

“Hi, This is Maria Khan. I write Blogs. Tech is a category I write on most. For Realtimeapk.com, I am reviewing different categories of games and apps. Here’s How I give a review: I let professionals and experts use a certain app or play a game and then I ask them write to key points of what they experienced. Caught with a problem in any app or game? Let me know by sending a mail at [email protected] and I will reply to your query within 24 hours.”