GTA San Andreas APK OBB/Data v2.10 (Highly Compressed, Cheats)

Download GTA San Andreas APK OBB 2023 to experience the best open world game, which features a massive city, gang wars, missions and a protagonist named as Carl.

gta san andreas apk obb

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GTA San Andreas APK 2023

File Information

File NameGTA San Andreas APK
CategoryGames, Action
Size15 MB, 2 GB
Requires Android7.0 and up
MOD Version LinkGTA San Andreas MOD

What is GTA San Andreas APK OBB?

If you are bored at home and looking for an intense open world game, GTA San Andreas APK OBB is the best option. Though this game needs no introduction, it is one of the most popular and one of the most widely played games on the planet. With multiple features, this game allows shooting, car racing, stealing and other action activities that the gamer is sure to enjoy. GTA San Andreas for Android is released by Rockstar Games and Rockstar North. It is available on for free.

Gameplay of GTA San Andreas APK

This game is similar to the previous versions of the Grand Theft Auto series, but gives some additional features as well. It also offers a third person view of the game, so the user can analyze the interaction between the player and the outside environment. One can steal or drive a car, fly aircrafts, do shopping, eat food, use weapons, do stunts and gym in GTA San Andreas 2.10 APK. This game is based in 3 cities, Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro.

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Storyline of GTA San Andreas APK

This game revolves around the main character, Carl Johnson, who escaped from Los Santos, San Andreas almost 5 years ago due to various issues, including corruption, gang issues and drug usage in his city. The tenure shown in the game is of 90s and now Carl has to go home to see his mother murdered, his family devastated and his friends lives falling apart.

This situation calls for an immediate action by Carl Johnson to fight with the corrupt cops of the neighborhood and establish his own rule in the city. But during his return, he faced a new problem, a cop framed him for homicide. The game starts with a cinematic where CJ is shown returning to his land.

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gta sa mod apk

Carl now has many issues to solve and returns to the city with fierce ambitions. This game will take you on a whole new journey of excitement and entertainment, as well as indulge you in the breathtaking storyline of the player, Carl Johnson. 

Features of GTA San Andreas APK

New Addition

There are many additional features in this version of the game compared to the previous ones, as in the old versions the player could not swim and would drown in water. But in the present version the player can swim in water. This gives players the ability to complete sea or marine based missions easily without the need to find boats. 


The graphics of GTA San Andreas APK are of very high quality and the characters look very realistic. This android version of the game also gives you the opportunity to change the graphics of the game according to your preference, if you have a heavy device with good specs, you can enjoy the high graphics of the game and if you have a low specs android phone, you can lower the graphics of the game to enjoy it without lags.

Personalization For Protagonist

Unlike GTA Vice City, a previous game in the GTA series, didn’t have a personalization feature for the protagonist except clothes. San Andreas bought new things like buying and wearing jewelry, getting a haircut, and putting on a tattoo. Not only this, but there’s also an addition of “respect level”. This level increases when you keep good relationship terms with your friends and girlfriend. The more the level, the more respect you will get from others.

Learn Skills To Improve Your Character

Skill sets are added into the game for the character. If you want your character to perform better or be stronger, then you may spend some time at the gym. You can learn boxing, Kung fu style fighting and kickboxing there. CJ will become better over time if you keep going to the gym regularly. To learn different fighting styles, you will have to go to different gyms.

Gang/Street Wars

Gang or street wars are a thing GTA games are famous for. GTA San Andreas APK OBB Download has taken Gang wars to the next level. You will fight the gangs to gain control of territories. More territories means you will be the king of the city and you will make a lot of money. Every gang has their color to represent them. If a territory belongs to a certain gang, you will see their color on the map in a specific area. The color changes when you win that territory. Winning an area is not easy, so go there prepared!

Supercars and their Customization

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas APK OBB brings you a fine collection of supercars. There are car modifying garages around the map. Take your supercar there and get it upgraded. Upgrading can include improving the engine, acceleration, and tires. Players can also get nitrous installed in their cars to make them go faster as ever. Changing the rims, bumpers, or adding a spoiler will change the look of your car. Show off your fastest cars in the streets of San Andreas!

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Radio Stations

If you are cruising around the city, then radio is the best thing which keeps you from getting bored. Not only in cars, but you can also listen to different radio stations on bikes and other vehicles. 

For Light version of GTA SA, you can use GTA SA Lite APK. It will not put much load on your mobile phone.

gta sa apk obb

Best GTA Game?

Since It involves gang wars, weapons and missions full of actions, we can say that GTA San Andreas is a game full of action. CJ, who is the protagonist in the game, tries to make his life peaceful but gets ambushed at every step. CJ becomes aware of the games played by the enemies in the streets and tries to build his own gang to take over the city.

GTA San Andreas has been known as the best GTA game because of its exemplary characters and action happening around the city. However, the release of GTA V has reduced the popularity of this game. There are still many youtuber who make videos on GTA San Andreas.

Cheat Codes of GTA San Andreas Android

There are a lot of cheat codes in the game with the usage of which, the player can enjoy various features. Some of the cheat codes are:

  • SPEEDITUP: Allows you play the game faster.
  • SLOWITDOWN: Slows the gameplay
  • FULLCLIP: Provides infinite Ammo.
  • BAGUVIX: Gives infinite health to the player.
  • ASNAEB: Clears the wanted level stage.
  • KANGAROO: Allows a large jump.

Using Mobile Cheats is a task which most mobile gamers find difficult. has prepared a GTA San Andreas Mobile Cheats Guide for you!

gta san andreas file

What is Cleo MOD?

GTA SA Cleo MOD is something which allows you to do modifications in the game and get what the official game does not offer. Cleo is a directory of MODs for the Grand Theft Auto Series. These MODs can include cars, realistic graphics, new characters and much more! The more the MODs, the more fun the gameplay is. Cleo provides you with certain features: Scripts, Opcodes and Plugins. You can also edit any MOD using the “scripts” feature. This thing gives you complete control over the game. You can get the different versions of GTA San Andreas Cleo below.

How To Download GTA San Andreas On Android Easy?

Most people find it difficult to search for virus free GTA San Andreas APK OBB files on the internet and then install it on their phones. Every ease has a price and so does GTA SA mobile version has. If you are looking for a method to install this game easily on your phone without taking care of APK and OBB files, then follow the method below:

  • To get the game easily, go to Google Play Store on your android mobile phone.
  • Now, type “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” in the search bar.
  • This game is paid. So, pay $6.99 for the game by using your card.
  • Once the payment is done, the game will start downloading.
  • GTA SA takes a few minutes while installing and after that you can enjoy this role playing game on your smartphone.

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How To Download and Install GTA San Andreas APK?


  • First of all, download the OBB File from the download link given below.
  • Unpack or unzip the OBB file and put it into the following folder: sdcard/Android/obb/
  • The path in the file manager should look like this: sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa/


  • Once you are done with the OBB file process, it is time to download the GTA SA APK file from the download link given below.
  • Now, install the downloaded APK file which will be named as “GTA-San-Andreas.apk”.
  • You will have to allow the unknown sources to install APK files to do this.

GTA SA Data File

If you are looking for a GTA San Andreas Data file, then you are mistaken because both the OBB and Data files are one thing. You just need two things to run GTA San Andreas on your mobile, which are APK and OBB files.


At least 1 GB available RAM, an Android version of 7.0 or above and the players must be 18 years or above of age. 

A minimum of 1 GB but 4 GB RAM would be good to run the game.

Although there are some missions which are missing in the mobile version of the game, there are still some sites which offer all 105 missions but there’s no guarantee that they will work properly. 

Yes, there are many hidden locations in GTA San Andreas with the top most being the Gant Bridge.

The hardest missions in GTA San Andreas are

  • Farewell, My Love
  • Learning to Fly
  • Cop Wheels
  • Robbing Uncle Sam
  • End of the Line
  • Freefall
  • Supply Lines
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks 

In order to unlock all the locations in GTA San Andreas, you will first have to complete the mission named Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. After this, many places will be unlocked like Las Venturas, Bone Country, Tierra Robada, etc. and you can easily leave Los Santos without attracting the police.

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