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Size25 MB
MOD FeatureUnlimited Credits
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2024

What is ?

The advent of technological innovation has induced this necessary sense of photographing everything and we are definitely here for it. Not only is picturizing essential, but the rise of the element of perfectionism is something gaining momentum these days, all thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. But how can you make your pictures look more aesthetic and adorable? is a very popular application that allows you to change the background of your photos, solving a key issue for users. Ever wanted to go to a nice location and wanted to picture yourself there? Well, now you can do that easily with APK and add whatever background of your own choice. This is one of the most astonishing features of the app, as you don’t have to be physically present somewhere in order to have a picture there.

Most of all, the user interface of the application is pretty simple and easy and anyone with a basic knowledge of editing can use it easily. 

Remove Background

Changing the background of your pictures is one essential task in photo editing. Wanted to take a sober photo but had a colorful one with a funky background? Remove the background with! Wanted a picture for your office file or for a resume? Remove background through All sorts of solutions are there and the best part is that the app is very simple and easy to use and no amount of extra effort is required as in other photo editing applications.

Developed and launched by Kaleido AI, offers an effortless background removing feature for you which you can now enjoy with all the premium features free of cost. The artificial intelligence technology used in the photos makes it very accurate and eases the job for you. 

Customize Background

Always wanted to go somewhere but never got the chance to do so or missed a trip with your friends? Well, there’s nothing to worry about as everything is quite under control. All you have to do is download the app and edit yourself in various different backgrounds and the best part is, the final edited picture looks quite realistic too. This is particularly because the software uses Artificial Intelligence technology making the task super easy and fun.

Be the background transparent or a new holiday destination that you always wanted to go to, everything is super simple and just a click away. The whole procedure requires not more than 5 seconds and this is one of the key advantages of using this application. 

Easy user interface

User interface is what makes this app different from others of its type. Most of the editing tools or softwares available on the Internet are normally very heavy and also require a lot of potential or knowledge to operate or use them.

No such case is there with APK MOD, which is a very simple and easy application and anyone with a minimum knowledge of such tools can operate it easily. Not more than 5 seconds are required to edit a background of a single picture, unless you are trying to edit a unique background, which requires some time to search for it on the internet too. 

High quality photos

The best part of Mod APK is that it offers high quality results, unlike other editing tools available on the Internet which reduce the photo quality after editing. All you have to do is open the application and sign in into it. After that, open the desired image which you intend to change the background of, and further click Edit. Further select whatever background you want to add and save your photo which will move to your camera roll. The results of this app are pretty amazing and the the quality of the photo isn’t disturbed at all. MOD features

Mod features of the application are:

  • Premium unlocked
  • Unlimited credits
  • No watermark
  • No Ads


Is free to use?

Yes, the application is free to use however, some of the features are for paid users. But you can download the APK link above in order to enjoy paid features free of cost. 

Does keep your photos?

Yes, the edited version of the photo after the background has been removed will be saved in your camera roll. 

How do you remove a background?

Removing background is a very simple process on and you can follow the on-screen instructions to do so after signing into the app. 

Is good?

Yes, this is a very good application for removing the background of photos. Also, the user interface is pretty simple and easy and the application works very fast and is lag free. 

How do you make money removing BG?

Earning money through is pretty simple and all you have to do is invite a friend via mail or by sending them the link on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. You will then be receiving credit for every single person that makes an account on the app. 

Which is the best app for changing background?

Following are the best applications for changing background:

  • Canva
  • YouCam Makeup
  • SuperImpose
  • FaceTune2

Conclusion MOD APK is an editing software which allows you to change the background of your photos. With this, you can now picture yourself in any background without having to be physically present there. 

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