YouTube Music MOD APK v5.47.53 (Premium/Background Play/No-Ads)

YouTube Music Mod APK

YouTube Music Mod APK

YouTube is one of the most used and the most common video streaming platforms on the Internet and people use it to search for all sorts of entertainment forms. But the problem with the app is that though it allows all sorts of videos, it is not specifically built for music. Many of the people who are addicted to listening to songs do not use this app as it has a variety of drawbacks when it comes to this feature. With Spotify being on the top of the list, another audio streaming platform is YouTube Music MOD APK which provides a hassle free experience.

Get Recommendations

Supported by Google, this app allows the opportunity to create a playlist of your own and then add all your favorite songs in it, so you can listen to them on repeat. Recommendations will be provided to you based on the latest trends and you can upgrade your playlist using this feature. Browse your favorite songs and listen to them all day, everyday. 

Browse your preferred music 

One of the most promising features of the app is that it allows you to browse for your favorite music and then play it on repeat. An endless music library inbuilt in the app will aid you in navigating through, with the additional assistance provided by Google. Not only can you search for your favorite piece through its name, but you can also check for various albums, covers, singles, live performances, and many other such options. Even if you don’t understand the song properly, there is nothing to worry about as YouTube Music APK got you all covered. Just enable the subtitles and start singing the song along with them. 

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Create your own playlist 

Creating your own playlist will provide a really fun opportunity for users as you can now save your favorite content in one place. Make your free time much more entertaining by listening to all your desired songs on repeat. Thanks to the recommendations feature available, you can now explore more of the trending songs and get your playlist upgraded. 

Discover new content

Not only does the app allow you to listen to your favorite content all day, but the fact that you can now discover new ones is beyond exciting. This will aid in enlarging your playlist and will provide a greater opportunity for having fun. All of this is possible due to the discoverable songs as well as those present in the recommendations bar. These suggestions will be made available to you through the AI powered software which gets to know your preferences and shows you content related to that.

Watch Trending Stuff

Not only this, the trending bar is another feature that will upgrade your playlist. This bar can be found present under the name Hot List which is made depending upon your location, time, and other related information. Whatever is trending in your location will be shown to you. Above all, all the trending lists are upgraded every Wednesday, providing you the opportunity to explore more of them. 

YouTube Music community 

Along with the provision of a vast variety of music options, the app also allows you to communicate with other people online. Doing so may not only allow you to meet new people but would definitely broaden your horizon too. You can connect with people who have similar taste in music as you and chat with them. Get to know more about them and why they like a particular song, which will further add to your information. Share your passion with others on the Internet and become friends. 

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Download YouTube PINK APK

Listen offline

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, no one can still stop you from having fun. Thanks to YouTube Music APK which provides you the opportunity to listen to songs while remaining offline too. All you have to do is to save your favorite songs for later and then enjoy listening to them in your free time without any wifi.