YouTube Music Mod APK

YouTube Music MOD APK (with background Play) v6.37.50 Download

App NameYouTube Music
Size20 MB
CategoryMusic and Audio
MOD FeatureBackground Play
RequirementsAndroid 5 and up
Last UpdatedFebruary 2, 2024

YouTube Music Mod APK

Music streaming platforms have always been in trend and Spotify is one of the top platforms for such purposes. YouTube Music Premium also serves a similar purpose and has a large number of users from all around the globe. The problem with these sites is that they are paid and not easily accessible to everyone.

Mods like YouTube Music Mod APK are specifically designed to fill this gap and are easily available for everyone and provide a number of additional features for the users to enjoy. Launched by YouTube, this site is a good opportunity for users to listen to various songs with over 50 million songs available.

Features of YT Music MOD APK

Offline Music

Online music options are not available everywhere since one does not have an internet connection wherever you go. Also, multiple other reasons may be there, with the one being lack of storage. If you do not have enough memory space in your device, you are unable to download more songs and this creates a hindrance in your fun and entertainment.

It is for such reasons that the YouTube Music Mod APK XDA version provides the users with the opportunity to listen to music offline. You can now listen to songs anywhere you go, without any fear of lost internet signals or short memory storages, as the application provides you the option to listen to them offline.

Search option

An advanced search option is what makes YouTube Music Premium APK much more fun and interesting for users. The presence of smart AI technology aids the application in finding the right music for the user immediately.

Also, the user’s search preferences are noted by the AI in the application and it shows the recommendations and other suggestions accordingly. No such sort of irrelevant music will be found on the app including any sort of games, news, or other TV shows. Only vast collections of a variety of different genres of music can be found on the application. 

Background play

Most of the music streaming applications don’t run in background and this is one of the worst features of all these. However, no such problem is there with YouTube Music Mod Premium as it allows the users to listen to music while doing anything else.

Normally, while you listen to music and open any other application, the background app stops working and this creates a lot of disturbance for users. People normally play music so that they can continue working on anything else.

For such reasons, background play is a very essential feature and this fact is well kept in mind by the developers of YT Music MOD , which allows this feature to run the app in the background. You can now do whatever you want with the music being played in the background. 


The recommendation feature of YouTube Music offline APK is definitely to die for. The application uses Artificial Intelligence to keep a track of users’ preferences and recommend songs according to their preferences.

This helps users discover new songs everyday that match their taste and energy. Most of the social media sites are believed to be using this feature to get Ads according to the users’ wish list, but this app has definitely taken this feature to a whole new level of fun and aids the users in discovering new songs everyday, depending upon their taste. 

Other Youtube Music Premium Features

  • Access without Micro G
  • Unlocked Everything
  • Dark Mode
  • YouTube Music MOD APK Old Versions Also Included
  • No Ads

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YouTube Music is one of the best music streaming sites available on the Internet and its Mod version allows you to access all the premium features for free. Get a chance to enjoy all the live performances, almost 50 million songs, and much more on YouTube Music Mod APK.

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