Adobe Scan MOD APK v22.11.18-regular (Premium Unlocked)

Adobe Scan MOD APK
App NameAdobe Scan MOD APK
CategoryApps, Tools
Requires Android4.4 and up
Latest Version22.11.18-regular
Last UpdatedNovember 24, 2022

Download Adobe Scan MOD APK Which makes it more useful with no watermark and all the premium features unlocked.

Adobe Scan App Screenshots

What is Adobe Scan?

Tired of waiting long hours at a store just to get a simple document scanned? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as you can now convert your mobile phone into a scanner at home! Yes! You read that right! With Adobe Scan, you can now scan all your documents like an actual scanner, without having to actually buy a scanner.

Sometimes, we urgently need a document scanned but there isn’t any availability of the device. Such cases prove to be very inconvenient for the user and to avoid such issues, Adobe Scan is here for you. The very question here arises, how can this application turn your device into a scanner? Answer to this is pretty simple; Adobe Scan has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, as possessed by an actual scanner! This technology aids the application to scan the files using the camera of the device and then import the data. 

Many operations

Adobe Scan allows you to perform a number of different operations, successfully easing your day to day tasks. With this, you can scan anything through your mobile phone camera and convert it into a PDF. Capture an image of the required document and the OCR technology present in the application AI itself determine all the details of the document including its borders and will convert it into a finished one. All the saved documents will be stored in Adobe Document Cloud which can be accessed later on with ease. You can now scan almost 25 to 100 pages at once without any hesitation. 

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High Quality

The quality of scanned images is very good and the file looks like as if it was scanned by an actual scanner. If you desire to scan a business card, the application will transform into a business card reader, aiding you in your job and performing the task in a more efficient and fast manner. Other operations like searching, selecting, and copying the text is also possible through the app. No need to scan a single page again and again as the application will do this task for you. Just click a photo and a high quality scanned image will be there for you. 

Scan and save documents

Not just scanning a document, you can now save a document and share it with whoever you want. A high quality PDF or JPEG file can be created out of photos too, using the app. All you have to do is open the app and start adding photos from your camera roll and then save them either as a PDF or as a JPEG file. This feature allows you to make documents more manageable and easy to handle. Also, you can then open the scanned document in the Acrobat Reader and make changes to it. These changes may include adding comments in the file, highlighting some sections of the document, signing the document or filling the blanks. One thing to notice is that Adobe Scan won’t be able to edit the document later on after you have modified it using Acrobat Reader. 

Adobe Scan MOD APK Features

Mod features of the application are:

  • Greater Document Cloud storage
  • No watermark
  • All premium features unlocked
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Does Adobe Scan have a limit?

Yes, Adobe Scan has a limit of 100 pages at a time for paid users and 25 pages for a free trial. The application can also store from 2GB to 20 GB data in Document Cloud. 

Does Adobe Scan leave a watermark?

No, the best part of using Adobe Scan is that it does not leave watermarks on the scanned photo. 

Can I use Adobe Scan without an Adobe account?

Signing in into the application is necessary in order to register for a free Adobe ID. You cannot use the application otherwise. 

Why can’t I modify Scan in Adobe Scan?

All those scanned files which have been edited by applications other than Adobe Scan cannot be modified by the application. For instance, if you modified your edited file by adding various comments and attachments and have added other files to it, then Adobe Scan won’t be able to modify such a file. 

Is Adobe Scan free for students?

All those users who already have an Adobe account can use the application for free and can avail up to 2 GB storage feature. 

Is Adobe Scan better than CamScanner?

Although both of these offer a similar range of features, but the fact is that the former offers a better document scanning quality than the latter. The problem with Adobe Scan is that it somewhat stretches the document. 


The hectic process of scanning a document through a scanner preceded by the inconvenient task of waiting is no longer there with the emergence of applications like Adobe Scan, which allow you to scan the document at the comfort of your home. Just download the app on your phone and click a picture of the desired document, which will then come out as a scanned one using the app. 

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