GTA San Andreas MOD APK

With the combination of gang wars, missions and supercars, GTA San Andreas MOD APK is full of surprises for gamers who love action. The game also includes lots of latest weapons, car collection, and much more. With the mod version provided, the users can make use of an unlimited amount of money and health with everything unlocked since the beginning of the game. Also, there is a remastered graphics + Cleo Mod that allows you to indulge in a realistic gameplay.

Read About Carl Johnson, who is the main character in the game.

GTA San Andreas MOD Download

MOD File Information 

APK NameGTA San Andreas MOD APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
RequirementAndroid 7.0 and up
Size15 MB, 2GB
PublisherMaria Khan

Features of GTA San Andreas MOD APK

Features of GTA San Andreas MOD APK

Unlimited Everything

You can now enjoy an unlimited amount of everything using the mod version provided. There is no need to make an effort over everything and the player can simply enjoy the open gameplay to the fullest by exploring around new places and discovering new stuff. Indulge in the world of adventure without having to worry about anything since you will have all the money you need to buy whatever you want to. As soon as you start the game, a sufficient amount of money will already be present in your wallet that you can make purchases as per your requirements. 

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All Cars Unlocked

Cars are one of the most essential components in the game and it would not be wrong to say that the popularity gained by the Grand Theft Auto series over the years may be due to this reason. Some of the cars are already made available at the start of the game while others have to be unlocked later using the money. Armored Kuruma is an unlocked car in the game which the players have to unlock later on. Doing so requires you to tow a locked car to a safe house and then park it in the garage. All this effort can be saved using the version provided.  

Unlimited Money and Health

Money is the most crucial factor without doubt since all of the things will be bought through it. Secondly, your depleting health is always a matter of concern for the player as you do not want to waste your life in the middle of an important mission. Taking all of these factors into account, the mod version provides an unlimited amount of money and health and the player no longer has to worry about his survival anymore. Completing all the missions will be much easier using this as the player is neither going to die no matter what nor are you going to run out of money which means you can buy whatever you want to. 

All Missions Completed

GTA is known for its long and tough missions which many players find it impossible to complete on time. All of these missions require great effort and many of the players out there are just playing the game for fun. The mod version of the game provided has all of the missions already completed and you don’t have to do that anymore. This indicates that the player can easily explore all the places and enjoy the open environment to the fullest. 

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All Maps Unlocked

GTA San Andreas has many maps, some of which will be unlocked in the beginning of the game. These include Las Venturas, Tierra Robada, Bone County, and much more. All of these maps will be unlocked after you complete the story quest named as Yay Ka Boom- Boom. After completing this mission, all of the areas will be unlocked and no police force will be behind you. However, the mod version provided requires no such effort and you can already dive into all of the maps from the start of the game. 

Support For Android 11 and Android 12

GTA San Andreas is not optimized for devices that support Android 11 or Android 12. Many of the users have reported a problem of the game crashing while playing. Although a number of solutions have been provided for this issue, still bugs have been reported. The mod version of GTA San Andreas provided is highly compatible for Android 11 and Android 12 and the users will face no difficulty during the process. You can now enjoy the game on your android device without any hesitation. 

Police Mod 

A police mod provided lets you enjoy various features. With this mod, you can go to the dressing room and change your clothes into a police uniform to look like them. Also, you can call the police for assistance using this mod. As soon as you land into some trouble, just call some police and the nearest police officer will come to help you. They will also provide you backup in case of a serious fight. Above all, one of the best features of this mod is that you can call a tow truck to tow away whatever vehicle you want to. 

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Below is the comparison of GTA San Andreas and GTA 5:

Why Download GTA San Andreas MOD APK Unlimited Money Version?

GTA San Andreas Unlimited Money version makes the control over the game much easier. You do not have to complete various missions in order to earn money nor do you have to worry about depleting money while buying something. With this money, you can buy as many cars and apartments as you want to and improve your in-game performance. 


What happens when you spray all 100 tags in GTA San Andreas?

As soon as you spray all 100 tags in the game, you will receive an AK-47, a Moltiov, a Tec 9, and a Sawn-Off Shotgun as a reward. The players can receive all of this by going to Johnson’s house. 

How do you activate GTA mods?

In order to activate mods in GTA, press the F8 button and then select for their desired mod. After doing this, press on the 5 button and that particular mod will be activated. 

Download GTA San Andreas MOD Latest

GTA San Andreas Mod APK presents an unlimited amount of money and health along with everything unlocked. The players won’t have to worry about completing missions anymore and they can indulge in the open world environment to the fullest. You will never get bored of the addicting storyline in this high quality graphics version provided.