CJ in GTA San Andreas – Real Life, Age, Voice Actor, & Death

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Carl Johnson mostly known as CJ is one of the protagonists in GTA San Andreas and is a street gangster, seen committing a number of crimes in the game. Carl has a very good social life along with a full bank account. Although the game was released almost 2 decades back, no reduction in its popularity has been witnessed and all of this may be attributed to the strong character of the protagonist. There are a number of reasons behind its popularity including the fact that Carl Johnson built all of his empire from scratch and put in a lot of effort in all this.

CJ in GTA San Andreas 

Also, another essential aspect to take into account is that Carl is a very kind character in the game unlike the usual gangster image that we picture in our mind. Carl is a very hardworking person who has worked day and night in order to reach the position he is today. Both Trevor and Carl may be considered quite opposite of each other particularly because of the fact that the latter is pretty aggressive and harsh. 

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CJ in Real Life 

Carl Johnson is played by Young Maylay, who is the voice artist behind the character. He is a rap singer as well as an actor who was born in Los Angeles. As far as the character depiction of Carl Johnson is concerned, it is assumed that the protagonist is based on Glenn Plummer’s character called Bobby Johnson. It is quite clear that GTA San Andreas is based on true story, at least some of the events are real if not all. Some of the events are fiction too although there is no direct link of reality to the main character. 

Young Maylay

Voice Actor 

Young Maylay is the voice actor behind Carl who is an American rapper, actor, and record producer. He appeared as a voice actor in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in 2004. His actual name is Christopher Bellard and was born on June 17, 1979 which makes him 43 years of age. Most of his songs are hip hop and gangsta rap music and one of his best records is the Lench Mob Records. 


Carl Johnson was born in 1968 and the GTA series started in 1992. This means when the game started Carl was almost 24 years of age. Carl has an older brother named Grove Street who is the deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Carl has a height of 185 cm or 6,1 feet and belongs to the Grove Street Families gang. As of 2022, Carl will now be 54 years. 


There is no proper storyline as to how Carl died, but it was revealed in the game that Carl died during the time duration between GTA San Andreas and GTA 4. There was no such prediction in the GTA San Andreas ending scene, which showed that Carl became a wealthy man and was a partner in the Four Dragons Casino.