Ninja Must Die APK (MOD – Unlimited Money) v1.0.34 Download

Ninja Must Die Mod APK
APK NameNinja Must Die Mod APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
PublisherMaria Khan
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Ninja Must Die Mod Features

  • Unlimited cash
  • Better game quality
  • Free Purchase
  • Unlimited Jade

What is Ninja Must Die Mod APK?

The Ninja Must Die Mod APK game consists of a ninja, the main playable character, who has to finish off all the bad guys one by one and achieve the given level to end the game. This seven-plus rated sport encourages little gamers to remove the darkness which has spread all over the world. The game provides players with all the instructions teaching how to proceed and how to act during all the levels. However, it is up to one’s skills how he finishes the boss and wins the title.

Ninja Must Die APK MOD

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Indulging Plot  

One of the most interesting aspects of Ninja Must Die MOD Download is its indulging plot. Almost 300 years back Demon Lord Oni opened the Rasho Gate which spread fear all across the region. The entire planet has converted into darkness and everything is in ruins.

Thanks to the 2 heroes who have taken on the mission to restore law and order in the city, there is some calmness. But this does not last long and the people of the town become corrupt. The ruling class is exploiting the workers and has burdenized them. In these darkest of times the ninja warriors arrive and are determined to save the collapsing city. 

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Doodle characters

An interesting fact about the game is that it features adorable doodle characters. All the characters look like they have been made out of ink strokes on an old paper. Graphics quality is the very first thing that grabs the attention of the player. Ninja Must Die APK MOD features a two colored character display including red and black. This symbolizes the chaos that has spread all over and increases the intensity of the game. The paintings and the background color look very vintage and unique, something that is not found in other games. Ninja Must Die showcases the colors of exasperation and suffocation. 

Play with friends 

The entire world has been affected with the attack and only you alone cannot bring back things to normal. It is for this reason that you will need the help of other people in order to restore the previous order. There are many other ninjas present in the game and you can collectively work with them. Everyone can help each other in order to complete the tasks earlier. This would prove to be much more efficient and the chances of casualties would be reduced significantly. 

Survive tough battles 

Survival isn’t that easy in this scary environment and the players will have to strive till the end in order to do so. Not only are there a number of enemies waiting to strike you as you approach nearer but there are other side hurdles which you need to overcome no matter what. The players can use various weapons in order to ward off opponents but exhibiting caution is also highly necessary for this work. All of the bosses that you face will have their own unique skills and you will have to counter them accordingly. Make sure you keep on changing your tactics so that the enemy doesn’t have a vague idea of your next move. 

Ninja Must Die Mod Download

Weapon collection

There is a large weapon collection which will allow you to fight the enemies with full force. Not only this, more and more weapons keep on unlocking with time as you proceed further in the game. Many upgrades are there which will introduce additional armaments. Your fight with the opponents should be a combination of armaments usage along with some ninja skills. For example, dealing with the mighty samurai requires you to use powerful swords along with Jutsu moves in order to defeat him. 

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Use power-ups 

Sometimes, warding off the enemies won’t be that easy as it seems to be and the player will have to utilize power ups for this purpose. Make sure you opt for the right power-up at the right time in order to defeat your opponent immediately. These power ups grant special abilities to players making them more competent by enhancing their abilities. 

Solve various puzzles

The path till the end isn’t that easy and the player will have to utilize his mind multiple times. There will be a lot of confusing situations where the user will have to solve all the puzzles in order to find one right path. Before you hop on to complete the next part, make sure that you have devised a proper plan in order to move further. This would aid you in winning the game more easily. 

Ninja Must Die Download

Ninja Must Die Redeem Codes 

Currently, only one active redeem code is there for Ninja Must Die which is NINJA777. Using this code, the players can get various rewards. 

Following steps must be opted in order to use these redeem codes:

  • First of all, launch the game and open the settings tab. 
  • Then, tap on the Service option and opt for the Redeem Codes tab.
  • Now, enter the redeem code mentioned above and make a confirmation. 

Download Ninja Must Die MOD APK

Ninja Must Die MOD APK Download is a strategy based game where the players will find themselves in the shoes of some ninja warriors who are on a mission to restore peace in the world. The game features 2D graphics and doodle characters which makes it quite indulging. There are a lot of weapons and power ups in order to get rid of enemies easily. 

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