Ninja Turtles: Homecoming APK

Ninja Turtles: Homecoming APK
APK NameNinja Turtles: Homecoming APK
PublisherMaria Khan

Ninja Turtles: Homecoming APK is an action packed thriller that revolves around some mutant turtles who are on a quest to save the planet. The globe is under the influence of Shredder and his henchmen and darkness has spread all around. All of the turtles will unite together to eradicate this evil from the face of the planet. Each of the turtles present have their own unique skills which they will utilize to fight against the enemies.

Not only this, the players can explore around New York city and have fun. Many intense boss battles will be fought between these turtles and the henchmen and for this purpose, the utilization of proper skills is essential. Make sure you collect all the ninja turtles to win the war more easily.

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Following are the features provided by the game:

  • Ninja Turtles: Homecoming features a very indulging storyline not found in other such games. From the heroic ninja turtles to the mighty villains, this game is a classic masterpiece. 
  • Embark on the dangerous journey of eradicating evil from the world and perishing all the enemies. Destroy Shredder and his henchmen by utilizing the special abilities granted to the ninjas. 
  • The ninja turtles are not just regular fighters, rather each of them carries a special skill not found in the other. These skills would prove to be of much help in the battle against enemies. For example, Leonardo can jump over fire easily without getting any damage. 
  • A number of cinematic characters and you can choose your desired one to participate in the battles. These characters include Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, etc. 
  • Limited energy is there for every player and make sure that you prioritize the energy for specific purposes so that it does not finish immediately.

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