GTA SA Lite APK 16 MB Download Latest Version For Android

GTA SA LITE APK is a crime based game, featuring Carl Johnson and his quest to escape his dark life. Who isn’t familiar with GTA games these days and if you are also one of those obsessed with its gameplay, then this version is surely a must try. Launched by Rockstar Productions, GTA SA highlights the background storyline of Carl Johnson and his efforts to take his vengeance. With a classic combination of indulging storyline and amazing touch controls, this game is surely a must play.

GTA SA lite apk

Features of GTA San Andreas Lite APK

Lightweight Version

This game is pretty lightweight and can easily run on low end Android devices. Featuring an open world environment, GTA SA allows you to roam around freely or complete missions. All sorts of stunts can be performed by the player including running, walking, swimming, flying, fighting, and much more. 

Complete missions in time 

GTA SA does not allow you to get bored for a second and provides a number of different options for you to spend your time. Various missions will be provided to you which you will have to complete in time. Most of the time, the missions present in other games are not really relevant which makes them quite dull and boring.

However, no such case is there in GTA SA as all the missions provided are interlinked with each other and aid in story development of the main character. After you have completed these missions, you will be rewarded with money and in-game points in return. More missions will also be unlocked as soon as you complete the previous one. 

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Variety of weapons 

A large collection of weapons is available in the game and if you are already familiar with GTA’s gameplay, you will definitely have an idea about this. It is your goal to spread chaos and lawlessness around the city and for this, the presence of weapons is highly essential. In order to get these weapons, you must visit the ammunition store and get whatever you want.

Not only this, since the game is crime based, it also allows you to take weapons from anyone you want to. There are some cheat codes for the game which allow you to access unlimited number of weapons. 

Realistic Stunts

Unlike other games which involve unrealistic physics and unfeasible stunts, GTA SA features pretty realistic movements which is the sole reason why players love the game so much.  To add a film effect, the game also has long car jumps and flying cars, which will he achieved using cheat codes. Enabling these cheats will make your car to fly and you can reach your destination in an instant. 

Earn in-game money 

Earning money is also possible in GTA SA which will add even more fun to the game. You will have to complete missions for this purpose and then get this prize. The missions include various mafia related jobs like killing someone or stealing something. You can also work as an ambulance driver and complete missions related to that. 

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