Grand Theft Auto 3 APK v1.8 + OBB + Mod Download For Android

Grand Theft Auto 3 APK
UpdatedSeptember 26, 2022
App NameGrand Theft Auto 3
Latest Versionv1.9
DeveloperRockstar Games
OS VersionAndroid
MOD InfoMod: Money
Package namecom.rockstar.gta3

Grand Theft Auto 3 APK 

Adventure games like Grand Theft Auto are something out of this world and surely interesting for everyone around. GTA 3 is the third in the series and contains a similar gameplay as present in the previous versions, though graphical improvements did take place. With many new missions and underground operations, this game will take up your time for good.

The fast gameplay never allows you to get bored of it, nor does the presence of side activities do. Loads of surprises await you in varied locations and make sure that you explore everything keenly. Swift control system will aid you to achieve your goals instantly and you can complete all your missions in no time. 

GTA Vice City is the next addition to this GTA Series after GTA 3, So Must check it out.

Grand Theft Auto 3 Platforms

GTA 3 can be played on the following platforms

  • Android
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Fire OS
  • macOS

Grand Theft Auto 3 cheats

The cheats used for GTA 3 are

  • To destroy all cars: bangbangbang
  • To make all the clocks faster: timeflieswhenyou
  • To make your vehicle fly: chittycittybb
  • If you want to further increase your wanted level: morepoliceplease
  • To lower the wanted level: nopoliceplease
  • For speeding up the gameplay: boooooring
  • To make the pedestrians fight each other: weaponsforall
  • To get more money: ifiwerearichman
  • To make the cars invisible: anicesetofwheels 
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Become an underworld mafia boss

Becoming a mafia boss has always been very fascinating for most of us and while we are provided a chance to become one, why not avail this amazing opportunity? Roam in the streets like a true criminal and loot the pedestrians of their possessions to further get a hold over the town. Escape the police like none else and make them chase you after every crime. No matter what the police do, they can’t catch a mastermind like you and all their efforts are surely going to be in vain. The background is dark, portraying a real crime epic. 

Indulge in the unique gameplay 

The gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 3 APK is quite immersive and the players will surely enjoy the open world adventure options available. Focusing is the key essential and you will have to put in mind how important it is to complete the missions on time. All sorts of weapons will be provided and using a relatable one on a particular situation will enhance your gaming skills and you will perform way better this way. 

Complete daring missions 

Not only does GTA 3 allow you to explore around but completing the missions is something really important and you will have to do so in a given set of time. The time limitation does prove to be arduous and sometimes increases the difficulty level, but this is something which makes the game even more interesting and fun. 

Download Grand Theft Auto 3 APK

GTA 3 APK is an open world adventure packed game which features mafia members along with the latest weapons. The swift gameplay along with realistic graphics make the gaming environment even better and appealing. 

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