Tag After School Mod APK

Tag After School Mod APK
APK NameTag After School Mod APK
MOD InfoAll Deaths
PublisherMaria Khan

Tag After School MOD APK is a simulation game where the player will have to go through various situations and his response will determine what will happen afterwards. Your location is required in this game as the app uses GPS for this purpose. The game takes place in a Japanese school and the player will have to explore each and every part of it. 

Make sure that whatever decision you make about the options that you are provided, are in the right mind and logical. With defined graphics and picturesque locations, the players will find it quite fascinating to roam around. Also, the game filters all sorts of content which is not suitable for children. 

Tag After School Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money 
  • All Deaths

Gameplay of Tag After School Mod APK

Tag After School MOD APK features a simple yet indulging gameplay. The main character is Shota- Kun and the player will witness himself in his shoes. You will have to make decisions about the choices that are provided to you. The main character will feel a wave of anxiousness crossing his mind since everything will be in his hands. Keep in mind that you will have to bear the consequences of wrong decisions. 

As the game starts, the player will be present in a school where various other students will be present. Shota-Kun will have no friends and the game will showcase his character development journey. He will have to find ways to enter the school as there is no one to guide him and open various doors in order to do that. 

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Challenging environment

The game presents a very challenging environment as the player will have to go through many trials and tribulations before reaching his final destination. You will have to make decisions immediately as there is no time to waste. The gameplay will be proceeding very fast and maintaining your calm can prove to be quite difficult during this period. 

Many endings 

Most of the games present on the internet offer a single ending but no such case is there in Tag After School MOD APK which has a lot of outcomes. All of the results will be determined by the choices that you make during the game. 

Bond with others

The player will feel himself getting emotionally attached to others as he gets to know them closer. An intimate connection will be developed between all the characters and they will feel the pain of each other. 

Avoid unwanted scenarios

You do not have to tackle everything and make sure you avoid any sort of unwanted situation beforehand. This refers to the villains present in the game who are hiding away in the dark. These villains may include a woman in a mask who can harm you if she gets a chance to come nearby.