Rent Please Landlord Sim Mod APK v1.7.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

What is Rent Please Landlord Sim Mod APK?

Simulation games are something we really look up to and Rent Please Landlord Sim MOD APK serves as an excellent leisure time activity. Not only does the game feature an indulging gameplay but is a unique blend of addicting storyline along with high quality graphics. The game revolves around a landlord who is responsible for his property and will take rent from the tenants. It is entirely up to you to improve the property you possess to make it look better and earn money through it.

Rent Please Landlord Sim Mod APK

Don’t be a spendthrift and avoid overspending at all costs because you don’t want to end up in a crucial financial condition. Also, it is essential that you socialize and don’t spend all the time in your small bubble because having a community of your own will prove to be really vital in solving problems that you face in the game. Avail the diverse features present and explore the large map and discover new things around. 

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Recruit Various Tenants 

You are not alone in the game but a large community is there in which you can socialize and express yourself.  Various tenants will be there and you can earn from them as you are the landlord. Make sure you keep good care of your property so that the people want to live there.

Recruit Various Tenants 

Plus, you are not just a landlord to these people but also a friend. Involve in deep discussions with these people and listen to their problems. Come up with some solution or advice to give them and solve their problems if you can. Keep in mind that communication is key and you don’t want to bring a distance between the people and yourself. 

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Create your own Community

Business is run by people and just a single person. Since you are a landlord, you will have to build a community of your own so that people may know you. Well, creating a community is not that easy as it seems to be and you will have to put considerable effort into this task.

Rent Please Landlord Sim Mod Download

Also, you just don’t  have to talk to people in order to be friends with them as there are other requirements that you will have to fulfill in order to do that. Many people will demand something from you and you will have to fulfill their wishes in order to befriend them. Everything will be under your control as you are the boss and do whatever you want to.  

Themed DIY Furniture 

DIY themed furniture makes the interior look even more pretty and interesting. You don’t just have to hire tenants for your property in the game but you can also own a house of your own where you can live peacefully. So, it is essential that you decorate your living space with something really fine and classy and thanks to the wide collection of furniture available, you can decorate your room as per your requirements. What’s best about the game is that you can never get bored of it as there is always something new to explore or do. 

Share Tenant’s Stories 

Many of the tenants living in your property will face various consequences and it is up to you to solve them, not as a landlord but as a friend too. Rent Please Landlord Sim develops a passion among individuals to help others and can be considered a very good opportunity to help in the character building of your child. Various tenants will share their stories and personal problems with you and you must listen to each and everyone of them very keenly and with great interest. After this, try to help them no matter what and make them happy since at the end of the day, you are all a part of the same community and living together. 

Share Tenant's Stories 

Become a Wealthy Landlord

Who doesn’t want to earn money these days right? And easy money is definitely something we all desire and with Rent Please Landlord Sim, doing so is not an arduous task at all. What you will be doing is to enhance your property by renovating it frequently so that more and more people want to live there. Also, you can build a private space for yourself and add whatever furniture you want. Showcase your wealth to the fullest by building large swimming pools, gardens, and much more. 

Become a landlord

Large Map

Rent Please! Landlord Sim features a large map and you will never get bored of all this at all. Explore the diverse region with a coastal city and roam freely into this fashion hub to enjoy your free time. There are various different maps present in the game and each of them presents an entirely new theme and regions to explore and you will feel as if you are sent to somewhere new. Build a life for yourself and earn as much profit as you can to live a life that you enjoy.

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Mod Features

The Mod version of the game presents some additional features such as

  • No Ads
  • Everything Unlocked
  • Unlock new areas
  • Unlock new activities
  • All Rooms Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money


Rent Please Landlord Sim MOD APK is a simulation game that gives you the perks of being a landlord. What makes this game really fascinating is that it features a quite diverse storyline not present in other games available on the internet. Feel free to become the ultimate landlord and earn money through the tenants. Also, you can furnish your private space as per your requirements and live a life full of luxury.