GTA San Andreas Map Unlock – How to escape Los Santos in GTA San Andreas?

When you start the game, you will find yourself in GTA Los Santos, where life may not be that dreamy as it seems to be. Full of crime and chaos, this location has become a living hell with people wanting to get out of it no matter what. So, the prime mission of Carl would also be the same but the problem is that you cannot do so in the beginning of the game. In the initial stages, the protagonist can only revolve around Los Santos in some fixed boundaries.

GTA San Andreas Map Unlock

However, after some missions are accomplished, new locations will be unlocked including 3 new cities. The location of Las Venturas will also be unlocked through this. However, there is a way to unlock these locations earlier too, without having to complete all those missions. The following guide aims to provide ways to get out of Los Santos and unlock new maps in San Andreas. 

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How to escape Los Santos in GTA San Andreas?

Escaping Los Santos or unlocking map in GTA San Andreas won’t be an easy task since you will have to complete a lot of missions in order to do so. There are not cheats in the game for unlocking the map too. Furthermore, as you start the game, no proper transport facilities will be available due to the natural disaster that hit the city and this is why leaving Los Santos may be an even tougher job since the authorities have prohibited people from doing this.

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Officer Hernandez and Tenpenny have issued an official statement that anyone trying to leave will have the police behind them. Completing the missions is one task and escaping the police is another and no one wants to have them catching you all the time. So, looking for alternative ways to escape Los Santos is essential and the following guide may definitely aid you to achieve all this. 

Method to leave Los Santos and reach Las Venturas in GTA San Andreas

First of all, you will have to strive to reach San Fierro, Whetstone, or Flint Country and then proceed to access Las Venturas. In order to do this, make sure you complete all the story missions provided to you. A special mission will be provided in which there will be a gang leader named Wu Zi Mu present in Doherty in San Fierro. This mission will be named as Yay Ka-Boom-Boom and after you have completed this, you will be allowed to access Las Venturas along with other destinations like Tierra Robada and Bone Country. In this way, you can easily go around Los Venturas without any hesitation.

How to unlock maps without completing missions?

In order to unlock all of these maps early, consider following these steps:

  • Open the 9th mission in the game called ‘Drive-by’ and enter in the car alone.
  • After this, reach the airport which is present in the southern part of Los Santos in some other vehicle and you will witness a dodo airplane waiting for you which has to be snatched. 
  • Snatch this vehicle and fly away.
  • In this way you can unlock other maps and there will be no police behind you. 
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