GTA San Andreas Mobile Cheats (Android, IOS, & Windows)

Although most of the games have cheats, they are considered pretty essential in GTA, with players using them every now and then. Out of all the GTA series, GTA San Andreas has the largest number of cheats which can totally change the gameplay in an instant. The following article deals with all the cheats for GTA San Andreas, which can be used for every platform, be it mobile or a PS2 console. 


How To Use GTA San Andreas Mobile Cheats?

Prior to this, it is essential that the player has a keyboard to type the cheats on mobile, as there isn’t one present originally as in PCs or consoles. The following steps may deem to be helpful in using cheats.

  • Add a keyboard to your mobile device: Keep in mind that using cheats on mobile isn’t that simple and easy as it is on PC. You will have to connect a keyboard to your device using either USB or Bluetooth as you cannot use the in-built keyboard of your device. Also, you can download an additional keyboard from some third party site for this purpose. After you do this, the keyboard will appear during the game and you can type all of the cheats easily. 
  • Save the game prior to using cheats: It is essential that you save the game before using cheats by creating a save file. 
  • Add cheats: Use whatever cheat code you want to by entering it in the keyboard. 

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GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for Mobile 

Following are the GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes for mobile:

  • JQFUDUB: This cheat will enable the status text on the head of the player. It is used to show targeting.
  • KRRIHBT: Used to exhibit various mobile controls of the game.
  • GONPXWR: This cheat will allow you to be indestructible and nothing will affect you including bullets etc. 
  • BYIXZIY: As soon as you enter this cheat, whatever mission you will be playing will automatically be completed. However, this cheat can’t complete all sorts of missions.
  • TOUCHMYCARYOUDIE: This will make your car indestructible.
  • FLYINGFISH: This cheat will make all the boats fly.
  • CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG: Make all the cars fly.
  • SPEEDFREAK: This will make all the cars have nitrous. 
  • LIFESABEACH: To enable the beach party theme.
  • GHOSTTOWN: The traffic will be reduced.
  • ALLDRIVERSARECRIMINALS: All the drivers will start rash driving. 
  • ALLCARSGOBOOM: This will cause all the vehicles to explode.
  • CRAZYTOWN: This cheat will enable the carnival theme. 
  • STAYINANDWATCHTV: It will start raining.
  • DULLDULLDAY: The weather will  become cloudy. 
  • TOODAMNHOT: The weather will become sunny.
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER: There will be storms.
  • TIMEJUSTFLIESBY: The time will pass faster.
  • SPEEDITUP: The game will proceed at a faster rate.
  • CANTSEEWHEREIMGOING: There will be fog all around.
  • NOONECANSTOPUS: It is used to arm anyone with AK-47s. 
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED: There will be gang members all around. 
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