Los Santos GTA San Andreas – Is Los Santos a real city?

Ever heard of the scenic city of Los Santos? Well, if not in real life, you will have surely visited this location in GTA San Andreas. The first city you will be visiting in the game is Los Santos, and you will find yourself there when the game proceeds. Los Santos is also sometimes referred to as the City of Saints and the City of Angels.

Los Santos GTA San Andreas

This city is located on the east side of the Flint Country and the south of the Red Country. Moving towards the Southeast of San Andreas will take you to this location. It’s a blend of cultural and traditional values and holds a comparatively large population. Drug dealing is a very common activity seen in the city along with gambling and other sorts of crimes. 

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Sequence of events 

The sequence of events in GTA San Andreas starts with Los Santos which is the city where the main character of the game, Carl Johnson resides. Carl will be seen returning back to this place after he knows about the sudden demise of his mother. This is where the story originates and the players will then be witnessing a number of gang wars taking place in this city.

As the game proceeds, the entire city will be turned upside down due to the ongoing conflicts between various gangs. The story unfolds later on and various members of the C.R.A.S.H are accused of crimes involving sexual assault and murders. Carl also murders a drug lord which was his old friend too, named Big Smoke and things get out of hand. 

State of Affairs

Los Santos is definitely not in a good condition and is one of the top cities in the country having the highest crime rate. There are drug lords, car thieves, prostitutes, gang leaders, and everything of such sort and living here is much like hell. Also, despite the fact that the city is completely sunk in all sorts of crimes, there is still no governing body which takes control of all such things and tries to counter them.

Some of the major gangs in the city include the Ballas, Varrios Los Aztecas, Russian Mafia, Families, and Los Santos Vagos. All of the locations in the city suffer from different sorts of crimes, including minor ones like pocket theft etc.


Is Los Santos in GTA San Andreas?

Yes, GTA San Andreas is based in Los Santos where the main character, Carl Johnson lives. He returns to this city after 5 years hearing about the death of his mother from his brother. 

Where is Los Santos in GTA San Andreas?

Los Santos is located on the southeast of San Andreas and is one of the largely populated regions. The highest level of crime is found in Los Santos and can be accessed by going south to the Red Country or to the east of the Flint Country. 

Is Los Santos a real city?

No, Los Santos is a fictional city in GTA San Andreas. 

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