GTA San Andreas Gym Locations (Benefits of Gym)

This open world game has provided the gamers with a lot of facilities to have fun with, in addition to performing various missions. One of these facilities is the gyms where Carl Johnson can go and have his workout in. The gyms are not unlocked from the very beginning, but are gifted to CJ as a result of accomplishing various tasks. All about the gyms in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has been mentioned below.

gta san andreas gym Locations

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GTA San Andreas Gym locations

There are a total of three gyms open for the main character Carl Johnson in the game. All three can be spotted on the map and are present at locations where a dumbbell shaped sign is marked. Following are the locations of all three of them.

  • San Fierro – near the Burger Shot outlet
  • Los Santos – Close to Carl Johnson’s place
  • Las Venturas – Near the Pay ā€˜Nā€™ Spray shop

Gym equipment in GTA San Andreas

Various items from the present-day gyms are present in San Andreas as well. The workout assistance stuff which can be used by CJ is:

  • Dumbbell 
  • Bench Press
  • Static Bike
  • Treadmill
  • A person you can fight with

All of this stuff helps Carl to exercise and heat up a bit. However, there is a certain time limit in which the exercises can be done. If you have completed that specific time, you won’t be allowed to use the gym for the day anymore.

Benefits of doing gym in GTA SA

Gyms are the places which help the players to build immunity and increase their power. Although there are other things which help to increase the main character’s stamina, none of them can compete with the effectiveness which a gym provides. First of all, the players increase their stamina by going to the gyms regularly, which results in the fact that players can run for a relatively longer time. Moreover, the muscles are clearly increased and the CJ becomes more powerful. To be precise, for every 14 seconds of exercise using the static bike and treadmill, 4% stamina is increased.

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