Updated List Fastest Cars in GTA San Andreas 

A plenty of cars are available in GTA San Andreas and it won’t be wrong to say that the presence of such a large collection of cars is one of the reasons why people love this game. Getting a car isn’t that much of an arduous task in the game as all you have to do is steal a vehicle by looking in the map and then place it in any of Carl’s safe houses. However, players are in a quest of finding the fastest cars in the game to ease their missions. Following is a detailed guide on what are the fastest cars in the game and how to find them. 

Fastest Cars in GTA San Andreas

Fastest Cars in GTA San Andreas


Infernus is considered to be the fastest car in the game, not just in GTA San Andreas but also in other versions. With an astonishing speed of 138 mph or 222 km/h, this car is an absolute monster. The design of Infernus is very much similar to the first generation Honda NSX and has a very elegant outlook. The rapid acceleration rate of the car can be attributed to its streamlined shape which provides an aerodynamic boost. Secondly, another essential detail about its design is its low lying tyres which makes it easier for any sort of turns. 

Infernus gta san andreas

One disadvantage of the car is that it gets damaged very easily and so you should be highly cautious when trying to turn or drift abruptly. Also, its engine can catch fire very quickly and can lead to the death of the player. Finding this car isn’t that difficult as it’s pretty common and can be seen present on the streets of Las Venturas, Los Santos, and San Fierro. If not this, the players can also opt to import the car but it can prove to be quite expensive costing almost $76,000. 

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Turismo is known for its high speed and is considered quite similar to Cheetah. Its outer design is based on a Ferrari (F40) and is quite attractive. However, it may be noticed that the aforementioned car has a slightly more acceleration that Cheetah. Its wheels are placed very low, which makes it an ideal choice for drifting faster on roads but can prove to be very dangerous for off-road surfaces. 

Turismo gta san andreas

You cannot get a Turismo in the start of the game as you will first have to finish the second export list in San Fierro. Then, move to Las Venturas where you can find this car present around casinos. It can also be imported from the Easter Basin’s dock. Make sure you are already driving a sports car before you set on to find this one, since the chances are then way greater.

Hotring Racer

Hotring Racer is a sports car that may not be as appealing as other cars but it may aid you to reach your destination within a second. This sports car is most usually found in racing tracks in Los Santos, where some awesome stunts of drifting can be witnessed. You can drive all across San Andreas within a few seconds using Hotring Racer. This car is based on the Chevrolet Cavalier, Ford Thunderbird, and Chevrolet Monte Carlo. 

Heading over to the parking lot in the southeastern area of Los Santos Forum may aid you to find this car. Also, it must be noticed that you must first complete the 8 track event in order to find this car in San Andreas but in Vice City, you can just do that using the cheats. 

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The speed of the car is as fast as its name and its design has been recreated by taking into account the much adored Ferrari Testarossa. One thing that gives Cheetah superiority over other cars is its good handles and brakes. Although slower than Infernus, Cheetah does not roll over while drifting at high speed and does not catch fire that easily. 

Cheetah gta san andreas

If you want to get a Cheetah in GTA San Andreas, try going to places like Paradiso, Rodeo, Market, and Old Venturas areas in order to find one. Also, there’s also an option to import it from the dock in San Fierro but it would be quite pricey with a cost of almost $84,000. 

Super GT

Super GT made its first appearance in GTA San Andreas and has a very unique design. Its model is a blend of various cars including the Nissan 300ZX Z32, the 1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT, and 1993 Toyota Supra. The car is great for drifting on ice and other slippery regions due to its smooth handles. You can pass through heavy traffic at a very rapid speed due to its responsive controls and tough tyres which can move in a zig zag fashion pretty easily. You can use this car in the Driving School Test in San Fierro. 

In order to get this car, you will have to wait a lot since Super GT is very rare. It’s better to search for the car while waiting outside the Strip in Las Venturas, where there are high chances of finding it during the night time. 

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Bullet is a go to for many players out there due to its fast speed and responsive controls that can take you out of stress situations within the blink of an eye. Its for this reason that it is used for racing since large distances seem short with Bullet. Obtaining a silver medal in the driving school test is one hell of a job in the game which can be made easier with the help of Bullet.

Bullet gta san andreas

Its design is copied from the 2005-2006 Ford GT and can be found by visiting The Strip in Las Venturas. You can also get this car by getting silver medals in the driving tests. 

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