Best Cars in GTA San Andreas – See Which One’s Suit You The Best

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that GTA is nothing without cars as almost everything involves them. Although a number of changes have been made in every version of the GTA series, the importance of cars still remains the same with every player trying to find the best one out there. There are a number of cars present in the game with every new series introducing many additions too. Following is a detailed guide on the best cars in GTA San Andreas. 

Get to know about some of the best cars in GTA San Andreas

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Our List of Best Cars in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


One of the fastest cars in the game with a very unique design is Comet, which resembles a Porsche 911. Although many players do not opt for this car due to the fact that it does not prove to be suitable for lawns and wet surfaces, its high powered engine is surely going to take you far from the police and other gangsters chasing you. The car tires are very stiff and due to the stability provided by these, the players can easily drift around. 


As the name of the car indicates, the acceleration as well as the stability provided by Blade is beyond amazing and is a go to for all those who want to drift around and have fun. The design of the car can be seen similar to the Chevrolet Impala from 1965 and has a very vintage touch. Another essential aspect of the car is that it is highly customizable and you can make many changes to it as per your requirements. 

blade gta san andreas


While many cars are suitable for roads, Monster works great for off-road surfaces including rough patches. It is sort of a giant truck which can move you over hilly surfaces too. What’s best about the car is that it can easily flee you away from unwanted situations without making you get caught. This car comes in various designs and you can choose your color according to your preferences. 

Monster gta san andreas


The highest speed achievable through Infernus is 250 km/h which makes it pretty fast and amazing. The design of Infernus is similar to Honda NSX and also somewhat to Lamborghini Diablo. Although present in various other GTA versions, it is pretty easy to find in GTA: San Andreas since you will find many of them on the streets. You can go out in either Las Venturas, Downtown Los Santos, or San Fierro in order to find this car. 


The high horsepower of Bullet makes it outstanding in the game, though it is not as fast as others. The model design resembles the Ford GT from 2005-2006 and must be unlocked in the game. This could be done by passing all the driving tests in the Driving School at San Fierro and winning silver medals from there. Also, you can access this car by going to The Strip in Las Venturas. 

Bullet gta san andreas


This car may not be considered the fastest in the game but can surely prove to be of lot help when covering larger distances rapidly. With design resembling the Ferrari F40, Turismo has a streamlined body which can cover 200 km per hour. There aren’t many Turismo in the game and finding them would prove to be pretty much difficult for the player. You must search for these in the night time, since there are higher chances of finding one then. Also, you can easily import a Turismo from the dock in the Eastern Basin but only this could only be done on Mondays. 

Blista Compact

Blista Compact is considered to be one of the best cars in the game which was initially seen present in GTA: Vice City when it was first released. The very reason why players opt for this car is its high speed and durability. In case you want to use this car, you will first have to visit the fancy car showroom which is present on the east coast of the region. Furthermore, the player can also get this car from the Easter Bay Airport near the perimeter fence but make sure that you avoid the police during this journey. 


Banshee is also one of the most preferred cars in the game, with its design similar to Dodge Viper RT 10 and Pontiac Firebird. Providing a very high acceleration, Banshee is quite easy to locate. Above all, it’s the unique look of Banshee that makes it pretty desirable among users and they want to find it no matter what. The regions where there are high chances of finding a Banshee are Market, Rich man regions, or Rodeo present in Los Santos and you can also locate it by looking around in Las Venturas. 

Banshee gta san andreas


Model resembling a 1980s Mercedes-Benz SL, Feltzer is another car that you would want to add to your list. Its characteristic design and the smooth control system makes it a go to choice for many players out there. Finding it requires you to go to the underground parking lot present in the Vank Hoff Hotel in San Fierro. Not only this, there are high chances that the players can find this car in Flint County, in any motel parking lot. 

feltzer gta san andreas

The BF Injection 

The BF Injection is another car that makes it to the list of top GTA cars and its characteristic feature is its ability to move through off-road surfaces. With a high horsepower and extremely strong engine, The BF Injection will let you pass through rough surfaces easily. It has a very good steering and can be controlled quite easily. Each of the GTA series has a somewhat different design of this car, but it is the most strong in GTA San Andreas and that’s the reason it has such a high demand. 

The BF Injection gta san andreas

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