Age of History II MOD APK v1.01586_ELA (Unlimited Money) Download

Age of History 2 MOD APK

Age of History 2 Mod Features

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Army
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Everything 

What is Age of History II?

Age of History 2 MOD APK presents a unique blend of history along with militarism and involves a very strategic gameplay. Humanity has gone through a whole lot of development and our history is very rich. Wars have been fought with various sorts of weapons in the past, and unlike today, previous battles involved more human work and less machinery. Soldiers were involved in direct fighting while the generals would sometimes order them from the back by keeping all the opponent’s tactics into account. Age of History 2 takes the medieval period into account and involves old war strategies.

Age of History 2 Download

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Not only will you be fighting directly in the battle but keeping into account the diplomatic relations is also essential. Simple war strategies won’t take you that far in the game and you will have to come up with some unique and ingenious ones in order to gain an upper hand over the opponent. One essential aspect to take into account is that the game features a civilization which has its history dated back to thousands of years and you being the emperor must take care of everyone, from smallest to the largest tribe. 

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Features Age of History 2

The features provided by the game are as under 

Strategic Gameplay 

Age of History 2 presents a gameplay that cannot be found in other traditional games of such sort and you will have to put your complete focus while playing it. You will not have to devise war strategies only in order to win the battle but rather it is essential that you think beyond it. The strategies must not always be offensive, but sometimes defensive too. Also, maintaining peaceful relations must be your top priority since your economy would suffer otherwise. 

Establish Democratic Relations 

Establishing strong diplomatic relations is essential in order to overcome the security dilemma created. You should keep in mind about your neighboring empires and take into account who to side with and who to avoid. Alliance is a strong element in the game and doing so may prove to be vital in evading wars and sometimes winning them. All of the military operations including cease fire, diplomatic talks, armistice, peace talks, and other such high level meetings involving top delegates are involved and you will be heading them in devising future strategies. 

Overcome the opponent and conquer their lands 

If you are someone that has a deep interest in politics, here is your chance to prove yourself. You will be a small nation initially and expanding your territory must be an arduous task. However, with constant dedication and efforts, you will be able to make it possible. Your relationship with other countries will determine your economic prosperity, which will in turn determine your position in the region. Remember that heavy burden rests on your shoulder as uneasy lies in the head that wears a crown. Therefore, devising both military and diplomatic strategies is essential and you cannot prosper by ignoring the other. 

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A detailed map to explore around 

Age of History 2 MOD APK features a vast map but what is different here is that it is a very fluid one, with boundaries changing continuously. The territorial boundaries of the countries will be in a constant state of change and so, mastering the game may prove to be quite an arduous task. You will have to look through various locations in order to devise a strategy accordingly. In order to occupy lands, you will have to look into your geographical position and start with neighboring ones. You can either make an alliance with them or conquer them, none in between. 

Sign Peace agreements with your enemies 

The game allows you to change a direction for yourself, which is a relatively new concept. You can play the game according to your personality. It is not necessary that you indulge in wars as soon as you start the game. If you have a calm personality, you can opt for similar gameplay and put all your efforts in order to hinder the onset of war and sign peace treaties in order to maintain calm in the region. 

Age of History 2 APK MOD

Age of History 2 Cheat Engine 

The cheat engine will provide you the following features

  • Tax Budget
  • Research Budget
  • Investment Budget
  • Money
  • Diplomatic points
  • Science and technology point 


How do you increase stability in Age of History 2?

Consider following these steps in order to improve your performance and increase stability in the game

  • You can add smaller nations like San Marino, Vatican City, Liechtenstein etc to the modern timeline. 
  • Making a Facebook group for the game would also prove helpful.
  • Add various achievements. 
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What is the economy in Age of History 2?

The economy in the game is related to the strategies you devise for your population and other technological innovation that can lead to an economic boost in your society. The treasury that you possess, your gross income and your expenditure, everything is included in this. 

Does Age of History 2 have multiplayer? 

No, Age of History 2 is a single player game. 

How many provinces were there in the Age of History 2?

A total of 1787 provinces are there in Age of History 2. 

Age of History 2 MOD Download


Age of History 2 MOD APK presents a strategic gameplay where you will have to lead your empire through all sorts of battles and other situations. With a fluid map and top tier diplomatic setup, this game is highly realistic and overcoming your enemy will be your utmost duty. 

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