Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlimited Money v3.0.9 Download For Android

Alien Invasion MOD APK
APK NameAlien Invasion Mod APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
PublisherMaria Khan
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Alien Invasion Mod Features

  • Unlimited Resources 
  • Unlimited Money
  • God Mode
  • Mega Menu 

Download Alien Invasion Mod APK Unlimited Money

Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlimited Money is a survival game where the protagonist will be transformed into an alien. This arcade game features a number of challenging situations where the player has to overcome many obstacles. You will find yourself in the shoes of spider-like aliens who are against humans.

You will have to form an army of aliens and then proceed to fight against the humans. Survival is the key task and you will have to ensure it no matter what. Various enemies will appear your way and encountering them won’t be an easy task at all. 

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Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlimited Money

Play in the offline mode

The game offers an offline mode where the users can enjoy all the features without having a constant Internet connection. With this mode, entertainment has become much more convenient as you can enjoy your preferred game without any interruption. 

Fight against enemies

A number of human opponents will come your way and you have to fight them in order to take over. You have to ensure your survival before anything else and for this purpose, you will have to tackle them till the very end. The greater time you spend fighting them, the higher are the chances of your winning. What’s best about the game is that it has provided an insight into the other side of the story- the antagonist’s perspective. You are not a hero here but the one fighting against the protagonists. 

Alien Invasion MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

Upgrade your skills

Upgrading your skills is the key task that you have to do in order to enhance your abilities and fight the humans better. The more time you spend fighting in the game, the greater the amount of money will be collected by you and you can then use it in order to upgrade your skills and make your character’s performance better. 

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Expand your alien army

The very first thing that you will do in the game is to break away from the lab where the humans are keeping you. After you have successfully overcome all the human enemies, your next job would be to enlarge your alien force to create an army so that fighting against humans and then overcoming them would prove to be easy. 

Alien Invasion APK Unlimited Money

Evolution of the monster

The player will witness the character development phase of the monster from the start. As soon as the alien wakes up and then tries to break the glass in order to escape from the captivity of the evil humans and then strives to run away from that location. You will be in the shoes of the monster and will be controlling it till the end. The monster will be eating all the humans with its crazy long tentacles and giving the humans a really tough time. 

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