AVU Editor Mod APK v1.9.7 (No Watermark/Ads)

avu editor mod apk

AVU Editor App Screenshots

What is AVU Editor?

AVU Editor MOD APK is a professional video editing application that provides a number of features from video editing to compositing, motion graphics, visual effects, animations, and much more. Although the features mentioned are available on a number of applications out there, the best part of the AVU Editor is the fact that it is easily accessible for everyone unlike others. The user interface is quite simple and you would get accustomed to all the tools within a very short duration of time.

Best For Video Editing

If you are also a fan of video editing but are worried about the video quality being lowered after doing so, AVU Editor would definitely prove to be a solution to all of this since it keeps the output quality completely intact. A number of different editing effects are also present in the app and you can select for your desired one to apply to your video. Feel free to share the final output with your friends and family members and enjoy the appreciation. 

3D Model Rendering

AVU Editor makes use of the 3D Rendering technology and creates awesome and realistic 3D models which are surely out of this world. Here’s how the app works; the user inputs some 3D rendered programs which are navigated by the app and are animated using some high quality tools present. To explain this in simpler terms, AVU Editor gives life to unanimated images or videos and makes them look much more realistic and indulgent. Many of the professionals in the entertainment, advertising, web designing, architecture, and automotive industries make use of this technology for their projects. Also, you can also adjust the lighting and texture of the animated videos using this feature. 

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Cool Templates To Start From

Are you a beginner in the editing field and don’t know where to start? AVU Editor provides an excellent opportunity for beginners and professionals alike with an easy and accessible interface. What’s best about the app is that it provides a number of cool effects and templates so that you can start your editing journey easily and then slowly and gradually move on to learn about other professional editing tools. These templates feature a range of themes which can change the entire look of your video in one go. You don’t have to put any effort in all this as simply importing a video from your gallery and applying the desired template would do the job pretty well. 

Music Video Editor

AVU Editor serves as a very good music editing app like CapCut MOD APK as it allows you to add various sorts of music to your videos. The app has completely transformed the dynamics of music and has introduced a number of new features. What’s more about the app is that it has an in-built music player that allows you to add a background soundtrack to make your output look much more indulgent and fun.

Even if you don’t want to utilize this feature, you can opt for the import option and add some music files from your saved media. There are plenty of unique sound effects present in the AVU Editor and you can cut the sound from wherever you want to. Moreover, features such as particles, sound scattering, and blurring are also available. 

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Smooth Slow Motion Editor

Another great feature provided by the app is its slow motion editor which allows you to add a slo mo effect to your videos. This adds a dramatic touch, making your videos look much more aesthetically pleasing. Not only does this effect add a dazzle to your videos but enhances them to a considerable extent. All you have to do is to enable the effect on your selected video and you will notice a certain part of the video being slower than the normal speed.  

Multi-layer Timeline

AVU Editor features a multi-layer timeline which allows you to edit your videos in a step by step manner. You can edit various layers separately by adding as many of them and then proceed to add some special effects to it. This feature plays a great role in providing high precision effects to your videos. 

Effects and 3D Layers

AVU Editor provides a range of effects including the Chroma Key option which allows you to make something really out of this world. The 3D layer technology enables stunning animated videos and you can use the green screen feature as per your requirements. What’s more, there’s a zoom in and out option to focus on particular details more precisely. 

How to Use AVU Editor

Consider following the below mentioned ways in order to use the AVU Editor

  • To proceed with, open the AVU Editor and import any video from your gallery which you wish to edit.
  • Then, after you have selected a particular video, proceed to view it on the editor’s screen. 
  • An Edit option will be seen present on top of the application and you can click on it in order to get started.
  • Furthermore, a number of different editing tools will be available and you can select your desired one in order to get started. If you don’t want to use any of these tools, simply use some template or transition effect in order to change the look of your video.
  • Lastly, save the final output and share it with whomever you want to showcase your creativity in the best way possible. 
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AVU Editor MOD Features

  • No Watermark
  • All Features Unlocked 
  • All Effects Unlocked 
  • No Ads 


AVU Editor MOD APK is a professional video editing and compositing tool that specializes in motion graphics and animation with a 3D Rendered technology. From adding music to making slow motions, there is nothing that this editor can’t achieve. 

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