What is Cash App Bank Name and Address?

Cash App Bank Name

Cash App Bank Name

It is very important to note the details about Cash App’s bank name, routing number and address because Cash App is not just a regular application developed for person to person money transfer. When we talk about enabling direct deposit service on Cash App, the users are bound to share all the details with their employer. So Cash App bank details serve as an important part to be mentioned in the form by the employer to further proceed the paychecks withdrawal services. Cash App’s bank name is Lincoln Savings Bank, which is the official bank of Square Payment app.

lincoln savings bank

This implies that all the funds which this application stores, maintains, or regulates, takes place through the Lincoln Savings Bank. Hence, when you are filling the form for direct deposit, you have to mention the name of “Lincoln Savings Bank”, in the place of the bank name of the Square app. Wherever you are residing in the United States, the bank name will remain the same. But mentioning only the bank name is not enough. You require two more details to add in the form before you enjoy an easy check withdrawal service on the Cash App. These two important details are bank routing number and address.

Cash App Bank Address

To receive a deposit, it is necessary that the user has a routing and an account number. This process is very easy and simple. You don’t have to search it anywhere else, as it is available on Cash App itself. Every user has a different Cash App bank address, depending on their routing number. Read the below given information to find out more about the bank address.

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How to Find Cash App routing?

Finding the routing number and bank name on the Square App is quite a difficult task. We have been through this difficult phase too while enabling the direct check withdrawal service. Although both the Cash App routing number and bank name are available on Cash App, finding them is a very difficult task. Consider following the given steps to find this information:

  • First of all, login to your Cash App account.
  • Then enter the ‘$’ sign which refers to the ‘My Cash’ option.
  • Scroll down and you’ll find a ‘Cash’ option.
  • Then scroll down and you’ll find a ‘Direct Deposit’ option.
  • You’ll then find the routing number of Cash App.
  • Then tap the ‘Get Account Number’.
  • There will appear a screen which shows ‘Cash App Account Number’.
  • Copy all these details and share with your employer.
  • Accept the terms of direct deposit and tap the ‘enable direct deposit’ option.

Note: It is important to note that different locations have different routing numbers and you should check it thoroughly before entering it. Routing numbers will further help you to find the Cash App bank address, which is in reference to the routing number.