Criminal Case: The Conspiracy Mod APK 

There is no doubt that all of us secretly wanted to become a detective in our lives, especially when watching such thriller movies or shows. Criminal Case The Conspiracy MOD APK provides you the chance to satisfy that undercover investigator desire of yours by providing a number of different features.

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod APK

There are a lot of puzzles which you may solve and look for hints to proceed the case. It is entirely up to you to investigate the crimes as per your requirements and use whatever resources you want to. There is a forensics laboratory too, which may be utilized by the player to analyze the report of various pieces of evidence gathered during the investigation. A mission will be assigned to you and it is your duty to analyze each and every detail thoroughly to come up with a valid report at the end. 

Criminal Case: The Conspiracy Mod APKĀ Info

APK NameCriminal Case: The Conspiracy Mod APK 
MOD InfoUnlimited Stars
PublisherMaria Khan

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Stars
  • MOD Menu

Trace all the hints 

As the wise say ‘everybody leaves a trace’, you will also be putting yourself to work in order to check all the traces available. No criminal can do a dirty task without leaving a minor hint and it is up to you to find all these traces to catch the criminal. Criminal Case: The Conspiracy features a mind blowing gameplay that will thrill you to the core and will compel you to focus all your attention into the task. You will be assigned the role of a policeman and you will then be working as a detective to solve all the cases put forward to you. There will be a number of stages in the game, each having different missions for you to complete. 

Criminal Case The Conspiracy Hack

Check out evidences to catch criminals 

You, as a detective, will be checking out all the evidence present in order to catch the criminal. There will be some clues available to you and you will have to add up everything in your mind to solve the situation as quickly as possible. You can also visit the forensics department to get the autopsy report of a dead body in order to know how the person died and what were the ways adopted in killing him. As soon as you proceed to complete the previous tasks, new tasks will be assigned to you. 

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Multiple crime cases

This is your time to prove yourself as an intellectual detective who can solve any sort of crime in an instant. Some of the characteristics of the perpetrator will be provided to you which you can use to solve all the issues. There is a well equipped forensics department where you can submit the details of the dead body for further analysis. This will help you catch the criminal faster and close the case. In this way, you can move on to the next one.

Criminal Case The Conspiracy APK Download

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