Hailey’s Adventure Mod APK

Hailey’s Adventure MOD APK takes on a dangerous quest of treasure hunting which may have various obstacles.

Hailey's Adventure Mod APK

Hailey’s Adventure Mod APK Info

Game NameHaileys’ Treasure Adventure
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
RequirementAndroid 4.4
PublisherMaria Khan

Play something different from the traditional gameplay and indulge into the world full of new missions which may be challenging at times. There are many characters in the game and a number of locations which you will be exploring in order to search for stuff. Money plays a very crucial element in the game since it will be used for buying new skins and other essential items.

Gameplay of Hailey’s Adventure Mod APK

The game starts with Hailey’s father being lost in the mines and it is now up to Hailey and her little sister to earn their livelihood. A man appears some day asking for the debt her father took from him, of which Hailey was unaware of and was left awe struck on such a piece of information. She was provided two options by that man; either to marry any of these men or to go out in the mines and hunt for the resources to pay back all the debt. She surely chooses the latter and this is where you will be putting all your effort in. 

Teleport yourself to various locations

It is almost impossible for Hailey to travel long distances without any assistance and finding treasure is not a luxury rather a necessity for her. She has to pay back the debt no matter what, otherwise she would end up in a pretty miserable situation. For this purpose, there’s a concept of teleportation in the game which will allow you to cover long distances in a minimum amount of time. All you have to do is to teleport yourself from a single location and move to any else. This feature will prove to be of much help in finding treasures in the mines. 

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Challenging enemies

Don’t let the thought cross your mind that you will just be searching for resources and treasures in the game, as there are a number of enemies which will make the game even more tough to play. As soon as you proceed on your journey of hunting treasure, different sorts of enemies will appear your way, which may range from zombies to mysterious spiders etc. Tackle them with utmost vigilance since they can attack you from anywhere. So it is highly recommended that you keep your conscious during all this and counter them with bravery. 

Many game levels 

There are many different levels in the game which make it even more fun to explore. All of these levels have different tasks which must be completed by the player in time. Various techniques will be used to solve these missions and you must adopt strategic tactics in order to do so. Explore the various skins in these game levels which may include different weapons, clothing items, and armor etc. 

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