Jio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK For Android (Online Lock)

App NameJio Phone Fingerprint Lock App APK For Android (Online Lock)
Requires Android4.1 and up
Latest Version3.90
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Package Namecom.jiophone.fingerprint

What is Jio Phone?

Jio phone is an android phone which is sold majorly in India. This is an affordable phone brand and uses keypads instead of touch screens, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. These phones have 4G connectivity and price range below 1500 Indian Rupees normally. These phones have a lot of features and their security system involves its own fingerprint lock application which makes it even more protective. This application is entirely free of cost and is developed for android versions of 4.1 or above.

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Jio Fingerprint Lock App

Jio phones have an application called the Jio fingerprint lock app. This application has a sensor which detects the fingerprints of the individual to which the phone belongs. This is sensitive security measure and keeps the phone protected. As there are specific DNA and genes of a person and can never be similar to any other person, same is the case with fingerprints. Each human has his own unique fingerprints that are very different from the other person. Fingerprint locks are a new technology and are also very protective. Jio phones offer such applications for its users like Jio face lock and fingerprint lock to keep their device secure and protected.

Why use Fingerprint Lock?

There are many types of locks available for mobile devices and it would be safe to say that fingerprint locks are one of the most secured and protected. The different types of locks are patterns, face locks, fingerprints, passwords etc. Pattern locks involve drawing a specific shape or pattern to unlock the device, passwords are a set of words, characters or alphabets, face locks involve face screening and fingerprint locks involve sensors that detect fingerprints. Face lock sensors are generally not much accurate and passwords and lock screens can be easily cheated. The most accurate and protected locks are normally fingerprint locks and Jio phones have provided an application for this.

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How to Download Jio Fingerprint Lock App on Android:

  • Jio fingerprint locks can be easily installed in Jio phones for free from Google Play Store. However, for other android phones, this application can be downloaded in an apk file as this is not available on play store.
  • To download the apk file, the users must first grant the permission to install from unknown sources, by going to related settings and clicking ‘allow’.
  • This application is developed for android systems and works for android versions of 4.1 or above.


Jio fingerprint lock APK keeps the phone very secure and works only for Jio mobile phones. This application does not work for phones other than Jio devices and may not work if downloaded in an APK format. However, some online tutorials do provide a complete guide on how to enable them to work on your device. For this, the link to download the application in an APK format is given above. Also, this application is entirely free of cost. So, what are you waiting for? So go download it now when you’re here!