Los Angeles Crimes Mod APK

Los Angeles Crimes lets you roam around the city and commit various crimes. Bored at home and can’t find anything to do? Then this game is surely for you as there isn’t any thrill involved and the open environment lets you do whatever you want to without any restriction. The character will be an epic shooter who can take down whoever he wants to.

Los Angeles Crimes

An open world is there for you to explore. You are a gangster just like in GTA San Andreas APK who can hunt down enemies in one go. Los Angeles Crimes is pretty similar to Grand Theft Auto, however, the former does not involve any specific storyline and is comparatively easier. The game is a third person shooter where you can opt for any character among the six available options, where 3 options are male and the remaining female. 

Los Angeles Crimes Mod APK Info

APK NameLos Angeles Crimes Mod APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
RequirementAndroid 4.4
PublisherMaria Khan

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • MOD Menu

Open Environment Epic 

Los Angeles Crimes MOD APK offers a free world environment where the gangster can do anything that he wants to. You will proceed by opting for any one of the six available characters and then customize the character as per your requirements. You can fight with various other gangsters present in town or snatch weapons from anyone.

Los Angeles Crimes Mod Download

Also, you can sneak into the enemy’s place and rob them of everything. You can get involved in brutal gunfights with the police or encounter zombies, which are the most ruthless form of gangsters in the game. The most essential aspect will be to choose the accurate weapon for the right situation. 

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Third Person Shooter 

Los Angeles Crimes MOD APK is a third person shooter where the gangster will be encountering various enemies. The game can also be switched to first person perspective as per your requirements. All the details involved in the game follow realistic physics and the player will find himself indulged in it.

Los Angeles Crimes Download

This epic shooting game features a life-like scenario; the player will be filling the barrel of the gun, pulling the trigger to fire on someone and will feel the rebound effect too while doing so. Keep in mind that anyone present out is a target for you and you must take it down in the first possibility. 

Different Game Modes 

Los Angeles Crimes features up to 5 different game modes and 6 different maps to play in. These game modes include the zombie survival mode, football, racing, hiking, or team fight. You can opt for any of these modes in the game. All you will be doing in these modes is shooting people and taking them down. Not only this, you can also invite your friends to take down the enemy together. 

Los Angeles Crimes Mod APK

Timely Missions

There are some timely missions assigned daily including soccer, killing zombies, racing, and much more. These modes will be unlocked in the game gradually. You can also explore around the streets to get familiar with all the maps as in this way, taking down the opponent will be much easier. 

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