Newpipe APK

Newpipe APK is your new guide for YouTube which will let you use the mentioned application even if you don’t have the Google Play Services installed in your device. The app is designed in such a way that it lets the users use YouTube on any possible device for free and without any effort.


This little package comes with many mesmerizing features, some of which include its small size, which takes its downloading percentage to new heights, the option to download it anywhere without getting Google services installed, and many more!

Newpipe APK Info

APK NameNewpipe APK
MOD InfoDownload YouTube Videos
RequirementAndroid 4.4
PublisherMaria Khan

Download videos and audios

Almost all of us using Youtube know that it does not allow us to download the videos to the gallery. This can be done via Newpipe APK which, on a single click, gets you the videos you desire downloaded in your given collection. Moreover, the audios to the videos appearing on YouTube can be downloaded separately in case you like a background song or anything else from it.


Play the videos in background

The users simply don’t have to download the audios like music in order to play them in background while some other application is working. Just start the Newpipe APK app, put on your desired video and keep listening to its audio forever in the background while you play games, chat with your friends, scroll through a social media feed, or use any other app.

NewPipe Download

Choose your desired resolution

Just like you get to choose between multiple resolution options while playing a video on YouTube, you can do the same while searching for information through different videos on Newpipe as well. In addition to the resolution choices mentioned in the former app, this one lets people apply even higher resolutions like 1440p and 2160p to the streaming video.

NewPipe APK

No Ads

The best Newpipe APK feature according to us, is that we can get rid of ads for eternity. The app will never disturb you between your videos and hence the users can keep up their concentration for hours and watch immersive plays. So, if you are looking for a YouTube alternative that does not pop up annoying ads, you are at a very right place!

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Safe and Secure

The application is completely devoid of any kind of bugs and no complaints of viruses attached to the application have been encountered so far. Moreover, due to its lightweight, your devices will not be affected by it, so as to slow down or get stuck after it is downloaded on a gadget. The application runs faster and smoother than most, putting your worries to an end completely. 

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