Ragnarok Arena APK

Ragnarok Arena APK
APK NameRagnarok Arena APK 
Versionv1.5.2 b152
CategoryRole Playing
PublisherMaria Khan

Ragnarok Arena APK combines the elements present in the massively popular Ragnarok Online IP with some new features. The game is based on survival as well as overcoming the opponents. You will not be doing this all alone since there are a large number of enemies present out there. It is for this reason that teaming up with the right people is essential.

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Moreover, the position you and your teammates occupy during the fight is essential and a proper strategy must be devised for this purpose. A number of game modes are available and you can perform various tasks like exploring around in the Payon Dungeon, figuring out the puzzles present in the Artifact and much more.

The features provided by the game are:

  • The player can enjoy the PvP mode or the offline mode. Although you can gather rewards in the latter, it may not be considered that fun and interesting. The PvP mode allows you to compete against other players and come out as a winner. This may include conquering other players’ territories and gathering their resources beforehand. 
  • Ragnarok Arena presents a very tactical gameplay where the player has to put his mental abilities to work. This indicates that not only devising a proper strategy is essential but the placement of your teammates during the battle is necessary too. 
  • Among all the chaos going on, the game also provides you the opportunity to make your character look more cute and adorable. There are a lot of headbands present in the game including Poo Poo, Hat, Corsair, Eleven Ear, and much more. Use any of these head wears to make your character look much more interesting. 
  • The characters in the game would also have a job of their own and can also change between various other job options available.