Rogue Company Elite APK

Rogue Company Elite APK
APK NameRogue Company Elite APK
PublisherMaria Khan

Rogue Company Elite APK is a third person shooter which allows users to explore around a large map. A large collection of weapons is available for users to choose from and attack the opponents at the first opportunity. The game presents an open environment where you will have to collect resources to buy whatever you want to. With 3D graphics, Rogue Company Elite provides a joystick through which you can move your character from one place to another.

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Following are the features provided by Rogue Company Elite Game:

  • The game is a third person shooter which allows you to shoot whatever opponents you encounter on the path. Doing so requires extreme vigilance and attentiveness because anyone can approach you without you even noticing. 
  • A large variety of maps are available and you won’t have to stick to one boring scenario forever. Make sure that you avail the most out of it by roaming around. These maps include places like mysterious corners, hilly areas, large castles, and much more. 
  • The main character can perform a number of operations like walking, running, jumping, shooting, loading ammunition, and much more. 
  • There are a lot of characters in the game named rogues. These include Phantom, Ronin, Umbra, Saint, Scorch, Anvil, Switchblade, Mack, Chaac, Dima, etc. 
  • Rogue Company Elite features 3D graphics making it very indulging and fun. 
  • A large collection of weapons is available for all sorts of situations and it is up to the player to choose the most accurate one depending upon the scenario he is currently in. 
  • Pick up the resources present in the game wherever you find them. These resources will prove to be helpful later on.

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