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APK NameSigma Battle Royale Mod APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
PublisherMaria Khan

Battle Royales are surely everyone’s favorite when it comes to gaming, with PUBG and Fortnite being the top rated ones. Though Sigma Battle Royale is not that great as compared to them but provides a great interface in which the users are sure to indulge into. An epic blend of shooting with battle royale style, Sigma Battle Royale Mod APK offers a detailed map where the users can freely explore around. The point is to ensure your survival till the end and the last standing player will be considered the winner.

Sigma Battle Royale APK
sigma apk

A number of game modes are offered by Sigma Battle Royale MOD APK including a single player and a multiplayer mode, for users to choose according to their preferences. Not only does the game provide a number of characters, but these are all completely customizable too. Indulge in the world of intense competition and thrill and come out as a winner in the game by defeating everyone else. 

Sigma Battle Royale Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads 

Intense Battle Royale 

The game features an intense battle royale experience that you would have surely never witnessed before. With detailed maps and a number of challenges present in them, the player finds it pretty hard to not only overcome the enemies who keep appearing one after another, but tackling side obstacles is another hell of a task. Make sure that you utilize your skills and develop a suitable strategy to accomplish all of these missions in time otherwise you will be left out of the game. There are dozens of players each competing to come before the other one. Keep fighting till the end since ensuring your survival is the key task that you must do. 

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Overcome obstacles with latest the weapons available

There’s no point in fighting anyone if you don’t have the suitable weapons to fight with and all your efforts would surely end up in vain. It is for this reason that Sigma MOD APK provides a large collection of weapons which the player can choose from depending upon the situation. These armaments include Shotgun, SMG, Pistols, Sniper, Machine Guns, Marksman Rifle, Rifles, Melee, various explosives and other sorts of weapons. All of these armaments have their own unique characteristic features and are used in different scenarios. Make sure that you utilize all of them depending upon the situation and overcome all the hurdles without any hesitation. 

Compete in 4 vs 4 battles 

Indulge in a number of game modes offered by Sigma Battle Royale APK MOD where you can choose your preferred one as per your requirements. There are a total of 49 other players competing in this match against you and you can either join some of them as an ally or as an opponent. The total time duration of a match would be no longer than 10 minutes and the gameplay would proceed really fast which would make it harder for the player to keep up with it. Also, the gamers can also opt for the 4 vs 4 game mode and compete against each other. Such challenges will create an air of competition and every player will be striving hard in order to dominate the other. Make sure you choose the best teammates so that winning the match becomes easier. 

Become the last standing player 

Becoming the last standing player isn’t that easy as it seems to be and the player will have to put in all his efforts till the end in order to do so. These efforts may include avoiding all the obstacles as much as he can and also competing against the challenges that keep appearing in his way. Moreover, fight against the opponents and utilize the correct weapon for the right situation. Do not panic at all no matter how many obstacles you encounter along the way as keeping your conscious is the only way out of it. 

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Customize your player

The game also provides the opportunity to make customizations to the player. There are a lot of clothing items and other accessories present in the customization bar which you can use to change the overall appearance of the character. Also, there are a number of skins which can change the entire look of the player. Keep in mind that all of these features will be available in the online version of the game.  

Detailed Maps 

For people who are tired of the old traditional styled gameplay of battle royales, Sigma Battle Royale MOD APK is surely for you. The game has included a vast diversity of maps and the player can showcase his skills on all of them. All you have to do is launch the game and proceed forward to choose whatever map you want to. Begin to have fun in the challenging and twisted maps provided and surpass all others. 

Various vehicles 

Not only does the game feature a number of weapons but also a large variety of vehicles is there so that going from one place to another won’t be a problem at all. The player will have to buy these vehicles so that they can cover long distances easily. With these transportation items, you will be able to counter the enemies more easily since you can not only kill them by shooting at them but also by ramming the vehicle onto them. 

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How to Play Sigma Battle Royale MOD APK?

Playing the game is very easy and all you have to do is follow the steps given below

  • Download the game from the APK link provided above.
  • Then, proceed to create an account using either your Google+ or Facebook. Here, you will be provided the option to make customizations to your avatar. 
  • After this, choose a game mode depending upon your preference including the solo, duo, or squad mode. 
  • Enter the match and compete against rivals. 
  • After the player has completed a match, he can check his results at the scoreboard. 
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Sigma Battle Royale Vs Pubg 

Both Sigma Battle Royale and Pubg are battle royale with striking similarities, but the latter is still considered the better one due to a number of features offered by Pubg. With almost 1 billion players, Pubg has gained a massive popularity as compared to Battle Royale. The gameplay of both Pubg and Sigma Battle Royale is quite similar but Pubg offers comparatively faster paced movements and an enhanced difficulty level. 


Why is Sigma Battle Royale removed from PlayStore?

Sigma Battle Royale was removed from PlayStore because it was not in accordance with the Developer Program Policy of Google. Also, there were other issues in the game’s assets which were problematic. 

Is Sigma Free Fire?

No, Sigma Battle Royale is not made by Garena like Free Fire. But both of these games have many similarities with each other and can be played as an alternative. 


Sigma Battle Royale MOD APK presents an epic shooting experience with a lot of maps and amazing features to explore. Make use of the large collection of weapons and vehicles available to become the last standing player on the ground. 

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