Supremacy 1914 MOD APK v0.148 (Unlimited Money & Goldmark) Download

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All the history bugs can now indulge in the world wars, something they have always fantasized and wished for. Embrace yourself as your desire is finally coming true as Supremacy 1914 MOD APK allows you to choose a country of your choice and start preparing for war. You will be the leader of the country and it is your job to protect your nation against any sort of possible attack.

Supremacy 1914 MOD APK

Furthermore, make sure that you build a large army of your own so that they may attack other countries in case of war. Not only this, you will have to take into account all the minor details in addition to war and strategy building. Make sure you consider the health and the educational sector of your country along with all this. Maintaining trade relations with other countries is the key to maintaining a stable economy. This will also aid you to establish good diplomatic relations with other states.

Supremacy 1914 MOD APK Info

APK NameSupremacy 1914 MOD APK
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
PublisherMaria Khan

Supremacy 1914 Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Mod Menu

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Features of Supremacy 1914

Unique Storyline 

Supremacy 1914 MOD APK offers a very unique storyline unlike the traditional one present in other games. It is a blend of history and entertainment and will take you on a whole new journey of fun. Various countries will be available to you and you can choose whatever option you like the best, including China, Japan, Russia, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Prussia, and many more.

supremacy 1914 mod menu

After you have chosen any of these options, it’s high time you proceed forward. Start building your country from scratch by developing all the sectors. Invest in the educational, health, and agricultural sector in order to boost up your economy. Also, proceed to build an army of your own and train the troops for war. Make sure you don’t neglect the research and technology industry which will play a very vital role in making your country a global power. 

Indulging Gameplay 

The gameplay provided by Supremacy 1914 MOD APK Unlimited Money is beyond entertaining and the users are sure to indulge in it like none else. You will start the game by picking any country and then developing it. There’s nothing really difficult with the gameplay and you can master all of the keys easily.

supremacy 1914 mod apk premium unlocked

The game allows you to train your troops, build a housing system, construct a transport and power system in your country, maintain trade relations, and much more. Also, there is a constant risk of being captured by other nations and for this reason, you must decide a strategy accordingly. 

Attain Hegemony 

This game is very close to reality and presents an overview of the international structure. Attaining hegemony over others is the ultimate goal of every nation and for this reason, you must build yourself in such a strong manner that nobody dares to attack you. Train your army to fight in the battle till the last breath. Advance your territory by occupying neighboring countries. 

supremacy 1914 apk

Supremacy 1914 Cheats Android

Supremacy 1914 MOD APK Unlimited Money is a strategy based game in which you will be in charge of training your troops by opting for whatever country you want to. Since you will be the leader in the game, all the plans will be according to you. The following article explores the cheats used for the game, which will aid you to win the game easily. These cheats are

  • U4gUheFuNH
  • A6HRoy0NaF
  • 58LhkND1Q1
  • oTb7c2MIP2
  • hdwrIrVaaF 
  • 6cFKx1wuXc
  • g9NDCIRYj5
  • MDvgjmyXO2
  • N5Fb5DM5Ng
  • I2IFSKtOsb
  • N5Xb5DM5Ng
  • fuJL1MDliU
  • CYtf0lTpHV 

These cheats are workable for both Android and iOS operating systems. There are high chances that the codes will work, otherwise contact us for further queries. Furthermore, the usage of these codes will allow you to play the game with some enhanced effects, not witnessed in the official version.

In order to utilize these codes, enter them while playing the game and the game will start working without any restrictions. The cheats will be updated after every week and you can check them regularly in order to access these. It is not necessary to use these cheats as you can enjoy the game otherwise too, but using them would allow you to win easily.

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Supremacy 1914 Tips

Supremacy 1914 is a massively known game with many players from all across the globe. The main motive in the game is to overcome other countries and to establish your hegemony over others. Doing so requires you to devise a good strategy and some prior knowledge about the game is essential for all this. It is for this reason that we have compiled some of the best tips and tricks to play the game which are mentioned below. Emerge as the best leader of the country and attack others in order to come out as a sole winner.

  • Make sure you choose the country which has all the favorable conditions; like surrounded by sea and has the least enemies.
  • Start building your own army as soon as possible.
  • Secure your borders by building fortresses, to keep the enemy at a distance. 
  • Proceed by attacking the weakest nation present around you, capture it and then move to the next. 
  • Making alliances will save you from any trouble later on.
  • Jump on the bandwagon to establish diplomatic relations and join coalitions. 
  • Enhance your popularity as a leader by making tough decisions. 
  • Make armor for your troops so that they can win the battles easily. 

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