BitTorrent MOD APK v7.0.0 Download (Pro Unlocked, Dark Mode)

BitTorrent Pro APK

What is BitTorrent Pro APK?

Ever heard of the popular app uTorrent? This app is pretty similar to that except the fact that it features some updates which make it possible for Android users to download files on their phone smoothly. The app functions as a peer to peer network protocol and is a go to for many Android users out there. Absolutely no limit exists on the speed of downloading and you can set it as fast as you want keeping your Internet speed into account.

Moreover, no hindrance is present on file size and you can download any of the file be it large or small. The premium version of the app offers an additional amount of features not present in the regular version. Most of all, the energy saver and the data saver feature lets you save your data and battery while downloading some of the heaviest files present out there. You can add a WiFi downloading mode and save up your data in this way, since the app would resume downloading only when the WiFi reconnects. Make sure you download the app and avail the amazing features available!

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Download files For Free

Downloading files has never been easier than it is today, thanks to the features provided by BitTorrent APK. An unlimited amount of files can be downloaded through the app on your Android device without any hesitation. The downloading speed can also be adjusted according to your requirements which gets this app a considerable advantage over others of its type. 

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Vast Number of libraries 

A vast collection of built-in libraries will aid you in choosing stuff you want to download. You can also view all your downloaded videos and music through this feature. Not only this, the app also allows you to listen to your music and watch the videos while they are being downloaded. This indicates that none of your time goes waste and you can enjoy every bit of it. 

Download only with WiFi to save data

Most of the time we start downloading something on WiFi but the signal goes off and the downloading shifts to mobile data. Such a situation is very dreadful for all of us as nobody wants to see their data being wasted on large files. Under such scenarios, the downloading will be stopped and continue again when the WiFi reconnects. 

Save Battery with saver mode

You can now save your battery while using the BitTorrent as the Battery Saver mode will aid in consuming a lesser percentage of it. You can continue using your Android device while the app continues functioning in the background. 

Dark Mode to keep your eyes safe

A dark theme option is present in many apps out there including BitTorrent APK, which will protect your eyes and will prevent headaches. 

Easy user interface

Thanks to the easy user interface, downloading anything has become much easier and simpler and you won’t have to possess prior knowledge nor do you have to put any effort on downloading the file. The app will do all of this itself. 

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