Cash App Payment Completed But Not Received (Solution)

Cash App payment completed but not received

Why is my Cash App payment not completed?

Cash App allows users to send and receive money instantly, but problems like the payment not being received at the other end do arise, and there may be multiple reasons behind that. Sometimes, the person making the payment sends it at his end, while the receiver present at the other end fails to receive it.

Completed payments indicate that the other end has received the payment successfully. Once the payment is sent by the sender, it cannot be reversed once completed. Also, it must be noticed that such cases do not arise frequently as Cash App payments are generally very instant and are made in a click of a second.

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Reasons behind payment not being received

There is absolutely nothing to worry about if the payment is not received by the receiver as sometimes, it can take time to complete. Also, issues like ‘Cash App Payment Pending’ are also sort of common ones and this indicates that the user has sent the money successfully but the receiver hasn’t received it, meaning there is a delay in between.

Following may be the reasons behind payment being sent but not received at the other end:

Server issues

Connectivity problems are the core reason why such issues occur as both bank and Cash App servers may be down at times, leading to unsuccessful payments.

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Also, there is no one to blame on such issues as they will be handled automatically or if you have some urgent business, then you can try contacting the Cash App customer support for this purpose. 

Connectivity issues

Slow or disrupted internet connections are other reasons why completed payments aren’t made and as soon as both sides have a stable connection, these payments will be made automatically. 

Daily Limit being exceeded

Cash App has a daily sending and receiving limit and if the user has exceeded that limit, the transactions won’t be possible further. The weekly sending limit is $250 and the receiving limit is $1000. 

Not enough balance

The amount couldn’t be sent if it isn’t present in the account of the sender. When a user tries to send a certain amount of money to someone, but does not have that particular amount in his own wallet, then Cash App leaves those payments hanging until that particular amount is added into the sender’s account.

Typing errors

Typing errors like entering the wrong Cashtag of the receiver may also be the reason behind all this. 

Unknown Sender

Safety is one of the top priority of Cash App and this is the reason it does not allow money transfer or receiving from unknown individuals.


Cash App payments may be unsuccessful if the sender has sent and the receiver hasn’t received the payment. Such issues may be due to a number of reasons with the most common being server and connectivity problems.

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