When Does Cash App Weekly Limit Reset?

Cash App Weekly Limit

Cash App weekly limit

Ever heard of the popular money transfer application Cash App? Well, this app does allow users to send and receive money instantly with just a finger tap, and there could be nothing more convenient than this. With this being said, it is essential to know how much a person can send and receive in a week. This is called Cash App’s weekly limit.

The maximum sending limit which Cash App allows per week is $250 and the maximum receiving limit per month is $1,000. This is the scenario for unverified accounts. In case of verified accounts, the sending and receiving limits are considerably increased, with the weekly sending limit being up to $7,500 and the receiving limit up to an unlimited amount.

How to know about Cash App’s weekly limit?

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to know about Cash App’s weekly limit:

  • To proceed with, open the Cash App mobile application.
  • Then, proceed to the ‘Deposits and Transfers’ section present.
  • After this, scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Cash Limits’.
  • Further tap on ‘Add Cash’ option from there or just visit your payment activity or history option to get to know about your weekly sending limits.

It must be noticed that the Cash App weekly sending limit does not reset on any specific day of the week. 

Increase Cash App weekly limit

There is no such hassle in increasing your Cash App weekly limit as all you have to do is verify your account for this purpose. Verifying your account and your identity on the application requires you to submit your basic credentials including your full name, zip code, the last four digits of your SSN (social security number), your date of birth (DOB), and your phone number to increase your weekly limit up to $7,500.

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When you initially sign up on the application, your account will be treated as an unverified user’s and in order to increase your weekly sending and receiving limit, you are required to convert it into a verified one. For this purpose, the provision of the above mentioned credentials are essential to reset the limit.

Also, not only does a verified account provide a greater limit, but also it makes your account more safe and secure and allows you to order cash cards, there are no accidental holds as well as provides another large number of features for such accounts.

Cost of Cash App limits

Absolutely no amount of money is charged for resetting your weekly Cash App limit, however, transferring money through your credit card does cost you some money. The amount of money charged for credit card transfers is 3% of the total amount and other business transactions cost almost 2.75% fee. Instant transfers via Cash App almost cost 1.5% fee charges and nothing else other than these mentioned amounts are charged from the user. 


Cash App has a weekly sending and receiving limit for users with unverified accounts and that limit can be increased by verifying the account.

These limits aren’t reset on any particular day of the week and depend specifically on the verified status of your account. Also, the amount of money charged by the application isn’t that much and is limited to certain transfers as mentioned above. 

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