GTA Vice City Cheats For Android, IOS & PC

GTA Vice City Cheats for android

GTA Vice City is one of the most popular games to ever hit the gaming industry and its massive popularity may be attributed to the open environment that it provides. The player can perform a number of stunts in it and there are some special codes which accentuate the effect of these stunts. Before hopping on to learn more about these codes, make sure you know how to use them because they will be useless otherwise. 

How to use GTA Vice City Cheat codes?

There are multiple ways through which you can use these GTA VC cheat codes on Android. The players can download a Hacker’s Keyboard from Google Play store and then type all these codes on it. Also, if not this, another regular keyboard can also be downloaded through the store. Once you have installed the keyboard, make sure you grant the permission by going to settings. After you are done doing this, head towards the below mentioned codes and use whatever you want to for a particular situation. 

Codes for GTA Vice City

Following are the codes which can be used for GTA Vice City:

  • SEAWAYS- This cheat will make the car drive over water. 
  • BIGBANG- All the cars present around you will be blown up immediately. 
  • THUGSTOOLS- You can acquire all the basic weapons through this cheat. 
  • ASPIRINE- To make the health full 
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION- This cheat will grant you full armor. 
  • PANZER- Using this cheat will get you a tank (Rhino). 
  • GETTHEREFAST- A Sabre Turbo will appear by using this cheat. 
  • GRIPISEVERYTHING- Everything can be handled accurately. 
  • NUTTERTOOLS- Bulky weapons can be acquired through this. 
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS- Light weapons can be acquired through this. 
  • GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST- A hotring racer will be present. 
  • LEAVEMEALONE- It will cause a reduction in the wanted level. 
  • CHASESTAT- this particular cheat will showcase the media level when there are 2+ stars. 
  • ALOVELYDAY- this cheat can be used for sunny or clear weather. 
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