Download GTA Vice City APK 2023 + OBB + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.12

Download GTA Vice City APK 2023 and its MOD with OBB file For Free. Make your character, Tommy Vercetti, king of the Vice City by winning the gang wars.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK
UpdatedJanuary 17, 2023
App NameGrand Theft Auto: Vice City APK
Latest Versionv1.12
DeveloperRockstar Games
OS VersionAndroid
MOD InfoMega mod
Package namecom.rockstargames.gtavc

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK

One of the most popular games to ever hit the gaming industry and requires absolutely no introduction, GTA: Vice City APK hit the internet back in 2002, and since then, no reduction in its popularity has been witnessed. From the realistic graphics to the immersive gameplay, there is nothing that the game fails to provide and the users are sure here for it. The game revolves around the life of a gangster, who is both the main character as well as the hero.

GTA Vice City android apk

A story has 2 sides and the developers of the game depicted it quite well. As far as the control system of the game is concerned, it is quite easy and anyone with a little gaming knowledge can quite easily control it. A vast region is available for the player to explore and to further develop their interest in the game. What gamers enjoy the most is the large collection of realistic as well as latest weapons of all sorts, making it a huge internet sensation. 

GTA Vice City MOD APK Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Free Download
  • Fast Downloading
  • OBB File Given in the GTA Vice City Download Link
  • All the main and side missions completed
  • The helicopter mission is also completed which is very hard to do

GTA Vice City APK Screenshots

Story of a protagonist, Tommy Vercetti

The game features an American mafia head living in an inflated region where crime rates are drastically high. No lack of illegal endeavors is there and every sort of misleading work is going on in the town. Amidst all this, the main character named Tommy Vercetti arrives, who has recently been out of the bar and is on the mission to spread more chaos across the town.

Tommy Vercetti
Picture of Tommy Vercetti

From looting passer by to stealing cars just like in GTA San Andreas APK, everything would be seen being done. Antagonists in the game include the Vance brothers, which have an old rivalry with Tommy and through some recent incidents, the enmity grew even stronger. The main character is now in a quest of finding these people for vengeance. 

Fulfill your lifelong mafia dream 

Always wanted to become a mafia boss? Well, your dream could be fulfilled right away with the game provided. Becoming an underworld criminal could not only be fun, but you gotta do some real tasks for that. Snatch any of those cars on the road or loot the passersby, it is entirely up to you to inflict as much harm as possible. Even if the police start chasing you, you can escape them in no time and continue being a boss like none else. Not only this, the number of arduous missions provided will further deepen your interest in the game. Saving the nightclub owner’s daughter or getting a helicopter out of the town, there is nothing that Tommy can’t achieve. 

gta vice city gang

Complete missions while playing with guns

Another important detail to be noticed is the unique weapon collection provided along with the latest cars. From handy guns to bulky rifles, a whole lot of ammunition will be provided to get rid of the police and to spread chaos in the town. Completing your missions will also be easier this way, provided that these armaments prove to be an extra help. Just go down the hallway and snatch your favorite car and carry a gun you like and start completing the missions provided. 

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Intense Gameplay of gang wars

GTA Vice City APK Download is a complete package of beautifully composed graphics and immersive gameplay. Massive missions with varying difficulty levels will keep you indulged along the way and you can also participate in side activities to make your time more interesting. Tailoring your inner qualities to become a successful mafia boss is something not that easy and you surely have to put a lot of effort in that. 

Realistic Graphics just like a movie

As far as the graphics of the game are concerned, there is no doubt that GTA Vice City APK features some realistic ones and that too in an era when such games were not that common. The entire game feels like a realistic movie experience and will surely aid the player to enjoy it more and indulge in it to the end. 

GTA Vice City Android Cheats 

The cheats for GTA Vice City APK OBB are:

  • To make cars fly: COMEFLYWITHME
  • To make cars drive over water: SEAWAYS
  • To get heavy weapons: NUTTERTOOLS
  • For full health: ASPIRINE
  • For showing media level: CHASESTAT
  • To make only the wheels of the cars visible: WHEELSAREALLINEED
  • For committing suicide: ICANTTAKEITANYMORE
  • To make all traffic lights green: GREENLIGHT
  • If pedestrians hate you: NOBODYLIKESME
  • To make all cars black: IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK
  • To make all cars turn pink: AHAIRDRESSERSCAR
  • To get all medium weapons: PROFESSIONALTOOLS

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GTA Vice City Missions 

Following are some of the missions in GTA Vice City APK Download, including the initial ones, the gang missions, asset missions, and the final storyline missions. 

  • An Old Friend
  • Jury Fury
  • Mall Shoutout 
  • Treacherous Swine
  • Four Iron
  • The Chase
  • The Fastest Boat
  • Death Row
  • Supply and Demand
  • Bar Brawl
  • Rub Out
  • Alloy Wheels of Steel
  • Hog Tried
  • Love Juice
  • Juju Scramble
  • Cannon Folder
  • Bombs Away!
  • Autocide
  • Waste the Wife
  • Check Out at the Check In
  • The Driver
  • No Escape?
  • Friendly Rivalry
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Dildo Dodo
  • Spilling the Beans
  • Hit the Courier
  • Cap the Collector
  • Keep Your Friends Close.. 


Can I download GTA Vice City free?

Yes, GTA Vice City APK OBB is a free game and can be easily downloaded from Google PlayStore. 

Can we play GTA Vice City on a 2GB RAM mobile?

No, GTA Vice City can not be played with only 2GB RAM and you may look for other options which require low storage space. 

How can I play GTA Vice City on Mobile?

Yes, you can play GTA Vice City APK on your Android device by following the given steps

  • Proceed to the Android PlayStore and search for the given game on the search bar available. 
  • Then, click on the download option and you are ready to play. 

Can 4GB RAM run GTA trilogy? 

This is the recommended capacity of RAM required although the game can operate with 2 to 3 GBs easily, despite the fact that the new version features some amazing graphics and bright textures. 

Can GTA San Andreas run without a graphics card? 

Yes, you can play the game without using an additional graphics card provided the device you are using currently contains one. 

Download GTA Vice City APK 2023 + OBB + MOD

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK is a first person fighting game that includes a very well composed background story along with awesome weapons and realistic graphics. With a complete character development journey, this immersive gameplay will surely prove to be a lot of fun for gamers across the globe. 

Get GTA Vice City 2023 version for free from The MOD Version has been renewed by our developers. So, must check it out and see the amazing stuff in our new MOD of this open world game.

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