Tommy Vercetti – Age, Voice Actor and Girlfriend.

Tommy Vercetti is one of the characters found in the very popular game Grand Theft Auto, and can be seen as a main character in one of the series named Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The character development phase of Tommy passed through various stages, all of which were described in the game.

Tommy Vercetti

He was also mentioned in the prequel short film made for GTA: San Andreas and many other small missions. Like many in the game, Tommy is a gang member too and was originally working for Forelli Crime Family based in Liberty City. His story takes a drastic turn when he was sent behind the bars for fifteen years, after which he was seen in Vice City. 

Tommy Vercetti moves to Vice City in order to close a deal with Vance Brothers but it ends in an attack after which, the protagonist sets out on a mission of finding these perpetrators and punishing them. During this course, he becomes a criminal and builds an empire of his own with various others as his workers. This gang is named as the Vercetti Gang and is above all others in the Vice City. 

Tommy Vercetti’s Age

The protagonist of GTA Vice City APK was born in 1951 in Liberty City which makes him almost thirty five years of age during the game. Although the game was released in the 1980s, Tommy Vercetti is still alive and has continued to make appearances in other versions of the game. He is Caucasian- Italian in ethnicity and is 191cm tall. His 6,3 height and 195 lbs weight makes him a very strong person. His hair color is black and overall features are mixed. 

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Tommy Vercetti’s Voice Actor

The voice actor behind the protagonist was Ray Liotta. Keep in mind that Tommy Vercetti is a fictional character who has no true basis. He appeared as the main hero in the 2002 video game called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Although the protagonist is still there and has made many appearances after this game, his voice artist named Ray Liotta is dead.

Tommy Vercetti Voice Actor

He died while he was asleep during the shoot of a film called Dangerous Waters. Until now, no true cause of death is revealed and this case still remains a mystery to many, although the police have informed repeatedly of no suspicion being involved in all this. 

Tommy Vercetti’s Girlfriend

Mercedes Cortez is the girlfriend of Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City. Before, Tommy was committed to Ken but because she was addicted to cocaine, Tommy became annoyed with her. He sent her to a rehabilitation center and left her. This center was located in Fort Carson in San Andreas. After this, he became committed to Mercedes Cortez. 

Tommy Vercetti Girlfriend

Tommy Vercetti’s Personality

As far as Tommy’s personality is concerned, it is highly evident from the game that the protagonist is quite short tempered. He opts for ferocity whenever there’s an unwanted situation. Not only this, it would be safe to say that the character is quite a genius too. He can tackle all sorts of situations easily. The character is very hardworking and prefers to do everything by himself. He does not ask for help at all and neither does he trust anyone.

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Although he has been shown as a very aggressive character, it is still a fact that he holds some sort of a soft spot for children taking into account the incident with Maude Hanson. Above all, Tommy is a very loyal friend no matter how he appears from the outside. An ideal example of this could be witnessed through his friendship with Lance. 

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