How To Record on YouTube TV? Firestick, Roku Recording Issues Solved

How to record on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is another addition in video streaming devices providing a new platform for the users to make use of their time. The app allows access to a number of channels and has become a latest sensation. With a large variety of content, it becomes difficult to keep a track and users cannot manage to watch everything they love at the same time.

An essential aspect to notice about the app before digging deep into the conversation is that it does not allow you to save the programs for free and you cannot save the recordings for more than 9 months. The app comes with a very interesting DVR feature which aids in recording the program and gets enabled as soon as you add movies, TV shows, news, or other stuff of such sort. The following guide will further elaborate the discussion. 

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How to record a single episode of a show on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t allow you to record a single episode of a show, as many users want to many times. All you can do is save that to your list, and the app will automatically save all other episodes which are yet to air. Another important feature of the app is that it provides no hindrance on downloading as many shows as you want and presents an unlimited amount of space for you to do so. A full show can be recorded on the app and for this purpose, many options are available. You can either use the DVR feature, any screen recording app or a video editing tool for this purpose. 

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How to record live shows on YouTube TV?

Following guidelines will aid you to record live shows on YouTube TV

  • First of all, proceed to the live tab on YouTube TV. 
  • Then, select any program which you wish to watch.
  • After this, pause the show which you wish to record.
  • Finally, click on the plus icon available to record the show. 

How to record on YouTube TV using the DVR feature?

In order to record on YouTube TV using a DVR feature, following steps will prove to be helpful

  • Proceed by opening the YouTube TV application.
  • Then, sign into your account by entering your password and other login credentials. 
  • Further proceed to search for the program that you wish to record. Search for the relevant keyword and then select anyone from the appearing list. 
  • A plus sign will appear, click on it in order to add it to your list. If there is no plus sign available, then this indicates that you can not record the show and you will have to look for other alternatives (screen recording softwares) for this purpose. 

How to record a show on YouTube Tv on an Amazon Firestick?

If you want to record all the episodes of a show on YouTube TV using Amazon Firestick, following points may deem to be helpful

  • To record shows on YouTube TV using a Firestick Device, first proceed to find the show you wish to record.
  • Then, click on the add option, after which the show will appear on the DVR list.
  • Afterwards, when you wish to watch the show, open the library and you will find all the recorded shows and you can watch your preferred one from there. 
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How to record all episodes of a show on YouTube TV using a Roku device?

Recording all episodes of a show on YouTube TV on your Roku device is quite similar to doing it on Amazon Firestick and all you have to do is search for your preferred show and click on the add option available. Doing so would add the show to the DVR list and you will then be able to watch it later.