How to Turn on Dark Mode on SnapChat?

Dark Mode on SnapChat

Internet usage has soared really high since the past few years and we find ourselves completely using it from day to night. This addiction has considerably increased our screen time and led to deteriorating health worldwide. One of the major issues created by increased phone usage is weakening eyesight, something which is very pivotal for normal functioning. Not only this, people have witnessed a constant headache and difficulty while sleeping. Sleep patterns have changed drastically with many people becoming night owls. For all such reasons, many of the applications out there are introducing a dark mode for all the right reasons including Snapchat. 

What is Dark Mode? 

As the name of the mode indicates, this feature involves a dark theme to save your eyes from the bright screen. This mode is also known as the night mode or the bedtime mode and you will witness a darker tone while using it.  Many of the apps on the Internet are offering this mode including Snapchat so the user may continue to use the app when the lights go off. In this way, your eye health will continue to be better than before and a frequency decrease in headaches’ occurrence will be observed. 

Can you turn on Dark Mode on Android? 

Unfortunately, the Dark Mode option isn’t there for SnapChat on Android devices and the users may have to compromise here. However, for some android devices, people have witnessed that the Beta Mode did provide the Dark Mode for Android. Also, since this feature was available for iOS from almost 4 years back, it would be quite safe to say that the Android users may not be getting this feature anytime soon.  Even though the Android users are deprived of this feature, there is still an alternative which involves turning on the Android Developer Mode. You can head towards Settings and click on the Dark Mode after which the tab will be enabled not just for Snapchat, but for all other applications too. Following guidelines will prove to be helpful:

  • First of all open the Settings of your device and choose Display. 
  • Then, enable the Dark Theme or the Dark Mode option present. 
  • Further head towards the Settings option again and click on System.
  • Tap on Advanced and click on Developer Options later.
  • Lastly, go to the Hardware Accelerated Rendering and click on the Override force-dark. 
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Guide to enable Dark Mode on iOS 

Snapchat allows a dark mode option for iOS devices and the tab was first introduced for this platform back in October 2019. Following is a step by step guide in order to enable a dark mode on iOS:

  • First of all, proceed by opening the Snapchat mobile app and continue to click on the Bitmoji option present at the top left corner of the screen. 
  • Further, continue to tap on the Gear shaped icon which indicates Settings. This icon will be present at the top right corner. 
  • Then, after clicking on Settings, scroll down until you find the App Appearance tab.
  • Choose the Always Dark option from here.