What does the Red Heart mean on SnapChat?

Red Heart meaning on SnapChat

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat? 

Snapchat is more than just a chatting app and we are all aware of its influence in our lives. From children to adults, there is nobody who doesn’t have an account on this app and sending snaps has become a sort of a norm or a daily routine. We cannot do anything without picturing it and sending it to our friends. Doing so increases the fun we witness, as sharing it makes it even greater.

The concept of emojis is pretty common on the app and it determines the level of closeness one feels to another. The more you send and receive snaps to and from a particular person, the greater the hierarchy of connection between the two people and the emoji assigned would be relevant to that. As far as the red heart emoji on Snapchat is concerned, it indicates that the person and you have been number one best friends for more than 2 weeks in a row. 

Snapchat Emojis Explanation 

Emojis are an essential part of Snapchat and this wouldn’t be wrong to say that the popularity gained by the app over the years may be somewhat attributed to these emojis. A number of different smiling face emojis and various colored hearts may be found present with the person’s username on the app. In reality, these emoji are a way of describing how close you are to that particular person and what is the level of connection between you to. Basically, this level of connectivity is determined by the number of snaps you both send each other. 

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Usage of red heart on Snapchat 

Are you also one of those wondering what might the red heart mean on Snapchat? Well, the answer isn’t that complicated and diving a little deep into this emoji thing will get you a clear idea about what they all collectively indicate. One of the most important things to remember about the red heart emoji is that it is the highest level of connectivity on the app and is used as a very important sign of good friendship.

If you witness a red heart emoji appearing over the name of the person, this surely indicates that that person is your dearest one on the app and you have sent and received the highest number of snaps from that person. However, this emoji is not permanent and may disappear if you limit sending frequent snaps to them. This may also happen if you start sending some other person more snaps than the previous one. 

How to turn the yellow heart into a red heart on Snapchat?

The first friendship emoji to appear on the app is the yellow heart. This indicates that the two of you are very good friends, or best friends. The meaning of the red heart emoji is clearly described above. If you wish to turn your yellow heart emoji into a red one, make sure that you keep this friendship status for 2 weeks in a row. Only then can your yellow heart be converted into a red one! So, keep receiving and sending snaps to that particular person and after two weeks, the yellow heart will turn into red!

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