How To Go Frame By Frame on YouTube?

Frame by Frame on YouTube

Frames play an important role in creating a YouTube video but do you know that you can play and watch video frame by frame too? YouTube shortcut keys help serve this purpose and learning a few of them would make your day to day tasks much easier. In order to go frame by frame on YouTube, 2 ways may be there; you either avail the shortcut keys present or go to the web app- Watch Frame by Frame. Following is a detailed guide on how to watch YouTube videos frame by frame.

Why watch YouTube videos frame by frame?

Many people do prefer watching YouTube videos at normal speed, however, watching them frame by frame may be helpful for a number of reasons including:

  • If you are watching a tutorial on the app, you may want to slow down and listen to everything keenly. 
  • Learning new tricks from a video requires you to pause in between and make sure you are learning everything. 
  • Reviewing a time lapse video also requires you to play it frame by frame. 

Steps to watch YouTube frame by frame

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to watch YouTube videos frame by frame:

  • First all, open your YouTube account and search for the desired video.
  • You can also open the liked videos or the Watch Later playlist. 
  • After opening the video, forward it until you find the part which you wish to see. 
  • Pause this part by pressing on the Space bar. 
  • Further proceed to tap on ‘<‘ or ‘,’ which will move one frame ahead. 
  • In case you want to move 1 frame backward, then click on ‘>’ or ‘.’ to do so. 
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In order to watch YouTube frame by frame using the web, you must copy the URL of the desired video and then paste it in the search box of the Watch Frame by Frame website. Tap on watch video and customize the frame in order to watch it.