Can you tell if a YouTube channel is monetized?

Can you tell if a YouTube channel is monetized

Ever wondered how many dollars all those famous YouTubers earned? Well, many of us start watching those random videos on the app when this sudden thought strikes us about how much these people may be making from this platform. If you are also one of those wondering how people earn money through this platform, then this guide is surely for you.

One essential thing to notice is that you cannot tell if your account is monetized or not by using tools, all you can do is check whether ads are present on the site or not. The AdSense program by Google makes your account monetized, which will broadcast ads to your account and you will start getting paid through it. 

Can you tell if a YouTube channel is monetized?

If you are the owner of the channel, then obviously you can check it by going to the settings of your channel. Also, there’s an icon of monetization which is shown next to your videos, which tells whether your videos are monetized or not. But if it is not your channel, then sadly, there’s no way to check if the channel is monetized or not since Google shows ads on all the channels now, monetized or not.

YouTube Monetization Requirements 2022

Google has made many new policies for account monetization in 2022 and it is essential that you keep all these in mind while starting a YouTube channel. 

  • Due to the ongoing Russian Ukraine conflict, Google has announced that AdSense will no longer be approved on accounts operating in the Russian territory. Also, ads showcased on accounts operating in Russia previously will also be halted now. 
  • People who want to get their account monetized must keep into account the community guidelines on YouTube, their Terms of Service and must avoid all sorts of Copyright claims. 
  • Content having repetitive sentences won’t be monetized under the AdSense program. 
  • Content copied from other accounts may not be monetized. 
  • At least 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ hours of watch time is essential for monetizing content. 
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Can your channel be demonetized?

Yes, there are a number of cases under which your channel can be demonetized from YouTube. If your account doesn’t meet the yearly requirements of getting 1000+ subscribers and does not have 4000+ hours of watch time, then there are high chances that your account can be demonetized. Other cases include your entire channel becoming demonetized when any sort of content is found that is against the community guidelines.

YouTube can remove individual videos that it deems harmful or contains copyright claims, even if the creator of the video was previously getting paid for it. As soon as the YouTube Algorithm spots something against the rules, your video or sometimes the entire channel can be taken off. 

How to create advertiser friendly content?

YouTube has a dashboard indicating what sort of content is preferred for monetization and what isn’t. Green indicates the one that is preferred and the red indicates otherwise. Yellow stands in between both of these extremes.

In order to create content that is advertiser friendly and will get monetized easily, make sure that you avoid all sorts of controversial topics and keep your content in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines. No sort of dangerous or immoral acts must be portrayed nor does the content possess the use of drugs or promotes it in any case. Videos in which all the rights belong to the creator can be monetized easily, which may include daily vlogs, how to tutorials, and other such home videos. 

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