How to block YouTube on Chromebook?

How to block YouTube on Chromebook

How to block YouTube on Chromebook?

YouTube is a massively used platform with both its advantages and disadvantages. As far as the demerits of the app are concerned, many people find it hard to provide the app to their children without any adult supervision. For such reasons, blocking it becomes essential and the following guide will provide you a detailed analysis on how to do so. 

In order to block YouTube on Chromebook, below mentioned steps may deem helpful

  • Proceed to open the app menu and click on the Chrome Web Store to open the app.
  • Then, type ‘BlockSite’ in the search bar option present. 
  • Whatever the first result is, click on it and further tap on ‘Add to Chrome’.
  • The extension will launch in a new tab and you will then have to accept all the terms and conditions provided. 
  • After you have opened the homepage of the Chrome extension, search ‘’ and finally click on ‘Add item’. 

After this, whenever you try to go to YouTube, the app wont open and something would appear to hinder you from seeing the content. 

How to block YouTube on Chromebook without an extension?

In order to block YouTube without a Chromebook extension, consider following the below mentioned steps

  • Proceed by clicking on Settings of your Chrome OS. 
  • Then, click on the App options available in the Menu.
  • After this, find the Turn On option appearing near the Google PlayStore.
  • Tap on Accept.
  • Again tap on the Accept option appearing on the Service Screen.
  • Proceed to start Google Play by tapping on the icon appearing at the Chromebook shelf. 
  • From here, you will then be able to access app blockers and use any of them to block YouTube on Chromebook. 
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How to block YouTube on mobile?

In order to block YouTube on mobile apps, following steps must be adopted

  • Open the list of all the mobile apps present.
  • From there, type YouTube in the search bar option available.
  • A toggle option will be available near the app. Switch it when it turns white.
  • Click on Done and this would block YouTube. 

How to block YouTube without blocking Google?

Many times, when users block YouTube on their child’s device, Google Classroom gets blocked too. Most of the users have reported this problem while trying to block YouTube on their device. Not only Google Classroom, but Google Docs have also been stopped in many instances. For such reasons, when you try to block YouTube, make sure to block port UDP 443 so that other sites may not stop during the process. The traffic will be filtered accordingly when you block LAN to WAN and will then be transferred to TCP and XG.