How To Add Chapters to YouTube Video?

Youtube Chapters Guide

Chapters combine to form a book and thus serve a part of it; same is the case with YouTube chapters, which aid in partitioning the lengthy videos present on the app. This enables you to get a know how about what a particular part of the YouTube video contains and you can just start with your desired part, while skipping the unnecessary one. If you are also one of those looking for ways to add chapters to your YouTube video, the following guide will surely prove to be helpful in this regard. 

What are YouTube Chapters?

To put into simple words, a YouTube chapter is a part or a section of a YouTube video. You will see this part being timestamped in the video with bolder dots. The YouTube chapters also serve an essential role on search results, as the video jumps to the required part of the video. You won’t have to search for your query any longer, nor will you have to watch the complete video.

Chapter names can also be seen present to the right side of the time in the YouTube video. By clicking upon any of these, a list of chapters will appear upon which you can proceed to open your desired section. No built in tool is present to add chapters to your video and you will have to do this manually. 

Why add chapters to your YouTube video?

Ever wanted to learn something from YouTube but the video was so long that you thought for a moment whether to open it or not. Finding your desired part in a YouTube video may be quite annoying and hectic at times. People don’t like wasting time and find ways to skip to their favorite part of the video. It is for this reason that videos with shorter duration are more likely to have more views than lengthy ones. You can put yourself under analysis for this. We, too, skip most parts of the video unless the video belongs to our favorite YouTuber. This is the sole reason why chapters in a YouTube video are important. 

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Steps to add chapters to your YouTube video

Following guidelines will aid you to add chapters to your YouTube video

  • To proceed with, sign in to your YouTube account. 
  • Then, open the video which you desire to add chapters too. 
  • Tap on the ‘Edit Video’ option present under the video.
  • In the ‘Add Details’ section, tap on Description. 
  • From there, add a list of timestamps and titles and save the change.