YouTube Beta APK

YouTube Beta APK

YouTube Beta APK

One of the most widely known applications on the Internet is YouTube, which allows users to watch and share videos belonging to all sorts of genres. For Android devices, two sorts of tracks were released for YouTube on Google Play, which are YouTube Beta and stable.

Taking YouTube Beta into consideration, many new features were launched including the shorts, which were small layouts resembling very much to TikTok. A bug may cause the app to show Beta is full, and if you also face a similar sort of problem, then this indicates that no other way is there to join it unless the no. of users limit is increased by the Google Developers. Also Check Out YouTube Modded APK if you want to enjoy extra features.

Features of YouTube Beta APK

Following are some of the additional features provided by YouTube Beta APK:

  • Premium Experimental features: Some experimental features are also available to a number of users with premium membership. These features will be found present on the ‘New’ page of the app. 
  • Shorts: YouTube Shorts Beta is also a feature of YouTube Beta that allows you to watch small length videos that resemble those present on TikTok. This can prove to be a fun way of spending your leisure time. 
  • Updates: Many client side updates are available and the developers constantly release new features to a number of varied users. 
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YouTube Beta Tester

Two new tracks including YouTube Beta and YouTube Stable were released on Google Play and in order to become a YouTube Beta Tester, consider following these guidelines:

  • Proceed by searching for YouTube on the internet.
  • Then, after opening the application, scroll down to click on the ‘Join the beta’ option. 
  • Make a confirmation by clicking on the ‘Join’ option.
  • After you have done this, wait till the app name changes to Beta. 

In order to leave the program, consider going to the ‘You are a beta tester’ option and then tapping on the ‘Leave’ option. 

YouTube Beta APK for Tv 

YouTube App may not run properly on all devices but YouTube Beta APK for TV is designed specifically for the big screen and has remote controller support. One essential thing to notice is that absolutely no sort of Google services are required for operating this. A multilingual keyboard helps you search for your desired stuff even faster. 

Download YouTube Beta APK

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to download and install the application:

  • Proceed by tapping on the APK download link available below.
  • After this, go to settings and allow unknown sources to download APK files.
  • Furthermore, go to the downloads section and tap on the last downloaded APK file in order to install it on your device. 


YouTube Beta and YouTube Stable are two new tracks available on Google Play and the former allows an additional number of new, experimental features including YouTube Beta Shorts, which will be found available on the New page of the app. You will find all the answers here about YouTube Beta.

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