YouTube VR For Android – APK Download

youtube vr apk

What is YouTube VR?

YouTube is a widely popular video app that allows users to access whatever sort of content they want. However, YouTube VR APK is considered a sort of a sub-app that allows you to watch everything in virtual reality. A number of devices are considered compatible for this app and it allows you to watch a 360 degree version of everything.

Along with all the elements presented by YouTube, YouTube VR allows you an additional number of features including cross platform performance and a very indulging virtual experience. This further deepens the interest of the user and allows you to spend more and more time.

The voice search option makes everything even easier and you don’t have to worry about knowing the spellings of everything as a simple spoken sentence would do the task quite well. Head over to the APK link provided above in order to download the app and continue watching everything in 3D Mode. 

One important thing to notice is that you will require a microphone in order to operate this. 

Features of YouTube VR APK

Following are the features presented by YouTube VR APK:

  • All the features provided by YouTube: All the features provided by YouTube can be enjoyed through this app, from a 3D perspective. This would make your fun time even more indulging. 
  • Virtual experience: A realistic, virtual experience awaits you with spatial audio, making your videos look like something original. 
  • Search through voice: Not only can you search related content through keyboard, but voice options are also there to make it more convenient. 
  • Watch and browse: You can watch your favorite videos and TV shows while searching for something else at the same time, since the app allows voice searching, making it easier for everyone to do both of the stuff simultaneously. 
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Is there a YouTube VR app?

Yes, the YouTube VR app allows you to watch all the videos and TV shows in 360 mode. You can now enjoy watching everything in virtual reality. 

How do I download a YouTube VR app?

In order to download the YouTube VR app, make sure that you have any VR video downloaded on your PC. Then, copy the URL of the video you want to play and paste the link in this app. Further proceed to choose the output format and quality of the video and you are done.

How do I turn my YouTube into VR mode?

Proceed to open the application and search for VR video. You will find this icon present on the channels you are looking for and select any video from there. Tap on the play button in order to start the video. 

Is the YouTube VR app free?

Yes, YouTube VR is a free application available for both, Android and iOS. 


YouTube VR For Android contains all the features of YouTube except the fact that it allows you to watch everything in virtual reality. With a 3D display, this app allows a cross platform experience that is going to indulge you into it for a long time.