Is there a Female Protagonist? – GTA 6 Characters

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There’s been a lot of discussion in the communities about the characters in GTA 6 but to be honest, no one knows about it. There’s a lot of rumors. Some of them can actually become true. Since there’s no confirmation from Rockstar about the characters in GTA 6, we will only be discussing the rumors and their possibilities. 

gta 6 characters Leak

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How Many Characters are in GTA 6?

Those who have played GTA 5 will know that there were a total of 3 characters in it. It was really big news for the gamers and they loved playing the story mode with Michael, Franklin and Trevoer. Now, the fans are expecting something more like that in GTA 6. According to some sources, it has been known that there will be a female character in the upcoming game, which will be for the first time ever. 

Being a female and a gamer, I would love to play this game. What do you feel about a female protagonist? Let me know in the comments. Coming back to the topic, there was a character switch option in the previous game. Hopefully, GTA 6 will also feature this option. 

However, as of now, according to many discussions and tweets, it is said that there are a total of 2 characters in the game (One male and one female probably). A guy on reddit leaked the information about the characters and later, it got deleted. When an information gets deleted, it might be really wrong or might be really true?

Fan Made Art of Gta 6 Characters

Female Protagonist as a main character?

What? Is it true? A male gamer would never love that. There are guesses or rumors about the female protagonist that it might be the main character and you will be playing the story mode with the female character. Also, some of the leaks tell that you will be given the option to select the character in the beginning of the game to play with. According to me, the idea of a Female Protagonist will not be good.

Names of the Characters

Well, I think we should not go far away to guessing the names of the characters. The names can be very random, so it would be better if we wait for the game to release. There are many leaks i.e 4chan Threads, Project Americas Leaks, and Fireden Leaks. Every leak has different names for different characters. One of the leaks can come true but still the names have not been confirmed by the authentic sources.

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