How To Turn Off Age Restriction on YouTube? Android, IOS & PC

turn off age restriction on YouTube

YouTube is a massively popular platform across the globe, with the highest number of viewership. There could be no genre that this app fails to provide, as it consists content on everything that exists. Such is the vastness of the app and so is the large popularity attributed to it. Ever browsing through your favorite videos and came across something that couldn’t open, with a sign written; this video is restricted in your region? Well, many users have faced this difficulty and the reason is no error, rather the strong community guidelines provided by the app. YouTube has some policies and rules which the content creators on the platform must adhere to, otherwise it may be restricted.

How to turn off age restriction on YouTube? 

In order to turn off age restriction on YouTube, consider following the below mentioned steps:

  • If you want to turn off the restricted mode on your Android device, consider opening the app and heading towards your profile icon appearing at the corner.
  • Then, click on the Settings options available. 
  • From there, tap on Account and then turn off the Restricted Mode. 

For Android TV, consider following these guidelines

  • Proceed by signing into your account.
  • Then, scroll to the Apps option from the Home screen bar.
  • From there, scroll and tap on Settings.
  • Finally tap on the Restricted Mode or the Safety Mode and tap on or off as per your requirements. 
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What sort of videos get age restriction on YouTube? 

Many times the content creators don’t create anything harmful or anything against the community guidelines, but the video still gets restricted for users under age 18. Many reasons may be there for such restrictions, with the key being child safety, since some of the content contains adult related content which may not prove to be appropriate for users under 18. The involvement of either nudity or other harmful activities which may cause harm are banned.

Many videos may also feature fake pranks or vulgar language, which may destroy the mental health of the user or pose any other threat also under the age restriction guideline. Moreover, all sorts of violent and graphic content containing videos share a name under this category and will be restricted in many regions. People who have registered their account and have entered their age to be below 18 won’t be able to search or watch any of the videos containing content from the above mentioned topics. 

Community Guidelines on YouTube 

YouTube has a very strong community guideline policy and keeps a thorough check on all sorts of content being published. If you are a registered user, turning on or off the Restricted Mode won’t be a problem but it is still advised to keep the mode on if you are under 18 years of age.

Through AI powered software and metadata, video title, and description gathered about the content, the platform determines whether to put a particular video under restricted mode or not. When this mode is switched on, the comments on the videos will no longer be available. 

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