Franklin in GTA 5 – Height, Actor, Age, House and Car

One of the three protagonists in GTA 5 is Franklin Clinton, who will be seen appearing in the game quite often. A player can also play the game in the shoes of Franklin and complete all the given missions. Spent the early years of his life in Los Santos, Franklin entered the mafia industry at a very early age and got involved in all sorts of illegal activities. The character’s personality can be best described from the fact that he possesses a constant lust of having more and more and for this reason, he could do anything to achieve power. Michael is someone he looks up to for all sorts of guidance and considers him a very dear friend. The third main character in the game, Trevor, is also a friend of Franklin.

Franklin in GTA 5

As far as his personal life is concerned, both of his parents were severe cocaine addicts and although he does not know much about his father, he remembers his mother saying how violent of a man his father was. Franklin moved to his grandparents after the demise of his mother and this is where his ill behavior began. 

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Height of Franklin

Franklin is a tall, muscular man with a good height of 6.0 feet (1.83m). His appearance is quite manly and his fashion sense is quite latest. He weighs a total of 77kg or 170lbs. He is a robber by profession and gets involved in all sorts of illegal activities. Not really a fan of morals, Franklin can be seen dealing drugs and committing robbery in the game. Also, despite having such a long height, he is not really a fan of sports. Franklin is quite pathetic at tennis and doesn’t like playing it at all. 

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Actor who played Franklin

Shawn Fonteno

Shawn Fonteno is someone who played Franklin’s role in the popular 2004 game of GTA San Andreas. Shawn Darnell Fonteno is a well known actor and rapper who is American by birth. Taking into account the personal life of the actor and rapper, Darnell is the cousin of the famous rapper Young Maylay who was also seen present in the game. Mayley voiced the character of Carl Johnson in the GTA: San Andreas edition. Shawn has a daughter too, and her name is Bria. He appeared in 3 movies namely The Wash, 3 Strikes, and Grow House. 

Age of Franklin in the game 

There is no specific mention of Franklin’s age in the game and whatever we are mentioning is an assumption based on some evidence provided in the game. Some references indicate that Franklin was born in South Los Santos on June 11, 1988, which makes him 25 years of age. This particular information was revealed to the fans when the story took a twisted turn in 2013. 

Safe House of Franklin

Franklin’s house in GTA 5 is 3671 Whispymound Drive which was given to Franklin when he completed his mission. That mission was “The Hotel Assassination” and was given to Franklin by Lester. Although this safehouse was later gifted to the protagonist, the very first house in which he was first seen was the Clinton Residence. 

Safe House of Franklin

Personal Car

All of the characters in GTA 5 have their own personal car and Franklin owns a Buffalo S which can be seen present in his residency. You will see Franklin switching to this car when he is struck in a traffic jam somewhere and he immediately rushes to change the car. The license plate of the car Bravado Buffalo S is “FC1988”. 

Personal Car of Franklin

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Is Franklin a good person in GTA 5?

Although Franklin is the main character, it may not be said that he is a good person either. 

Is Franklin the villain in GTA 5?

No, Franklin is one of the three protagonists in the game.

Who is Franklin’s wife in GTA?

Tanisha Clinton is Franklin’s wife in GTA 5.